Concealed Gun Laws - Georgia

Sorry if this has been answered before… I’m fairly new to concealed carry. I live in Georgia, so the laws governing allowed carrying are fairly good, from what I’ve found.
My question to you all is, for those of us in Georgia, where do you look for a resource for keeping up to date on CCW rules???
Thanks in advance for any assistance,
Kevin Kirwan


There are many websites that have CC data for every state, but as laws change, those sites might be a bit behind; so you still have to dig further to verify their data. I start with the state police web site. I also research the state code, it is online and can be queried. You could also probably inquire at the DA or AG’s office.


The USCCA web site is the first place I look for accurate information on laws. It isn’t perfect, but it’s a good first stop.


Welcome @Kckirwan! You can find the latest laws for every state on our Reciprocity Map - on our website and in the USCCA App. Each state has it’s own page and covers a ton of information with links to additional state-specific resources.

Here is the page for GA.

And as firearm laws can change, we have someone on staff at Delta Defense (USCCA Service Provider) whose sole job is the Reciprocity Map. The latest updates will be referenced by date at the bottom of the page.

Georgia has had a few updates over the last year:
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If you travel, be sure to check out the pages for the states you’re traveling through and the reciprocity information for each state!

Let us know if you have any other questions! Glad to have you here, @Kckirwan!


Thanks for the info. Just trying to stay ahead of the law and be in compliance.