Concealed firearm not concealing well!

Update: I ordered two Sticky Holsters from The Well Armed Woman site, based on its simplicity & raving reviews - one for the Glock, & another for my M&P Shield, plus you can’t beat the price of $29.95 each! I’ll post again once I get & start wearing them. Thx again to all!


Carol, since I’m laid up with nothing but lots of boring time on my hands, I thought I would show you just how thin some of the Kydex holsters are.

I’m not promoting any particular brand, but my preference is blue star holsters from Before going to IWB and cross draw as I mentioned earlier, I used Blue Star Holsters kydex OWB holsters for quite a few of my carry guns, from full size 1911’s to compacts.

With Blue Star, OWB holsters are $32.95, IWB are $34.95.

Again, these are OWB photos, but they demonstrate just how thin the kydex holsters are with smaller carry guns like my Glock 43, Sig P365, or Kimber Micro 9… about 1 1/4 inch wide for the holster with gun inside, and 1 1/2 inch wide measuring the holster and belt attachment. Also notice the curve or ‘wraparound’ style of the holster, designed that way to fit very snug to your belt and waistline. They do conceal most guns very well. The IWB holsters are very similar, but without the curve. Both styles hold the guns securely with tension adjustment screws.

Not sure what gun you carry, but hopefully the photos below will give you some size comparisons. The first two photos are with the Kimber Micro 9, the second two are with the Glock 43, and the last two are with the Sig P365.


Thanks for all the detail & the pics! I have 2 that I carry - Glock 19 & M&P Shield. I ordered the Sticky Holsters, so I’ll see how those work out but I have bookmarked this site as well in case I need to add to my holster family😁 I’m also planning to put a red dot site on the Glock so that may pose an add’l issue down the road!


Carol, those pics I posted above of the Blue Star holsters showed them in the typical OWB configuration with the belt loops on the inside of the holster.

Here’s a more current photo, how they look modified to wear cross draw between my jeans and belt. I moved the belt loops from the inside of the holsters to the outside, with the curvature of the holster still working to keep the weapon in close and snug.


Thanks Dave! I gave it a shot & ordered 1 of each - IWB & OWB for different situations. They definitely have a smaller print than the OWBs that I have now & that should work also for IWB for the warmer weather without the bulky clothing to conceal. When I get everything in & have tried them all out, I’ll post again. Thx for all the time you took to explain & for all the pics!:+1::+1:


You are welcome!! :+1:

Maybe you see the printing, but would anyone else notice? How many concealed weapons have you noticed while out running errands. Try a sticky holster for IWB. Thin and easy to grab your gun.

You may be right. It’s obvious to me, but probably not to the rest of the world. Based on replies here, I did order Sticky Holsters for both my firearms, as well as an IWB and an OWB from BlueStar Holsters. Between them, I’m sure I’ll get to my happy carry place😁

That goes for men too. I use pancake holsters to carry and conceal, but I use a good large shirt to cover that fits with Florida weather. Maybe a good Hawaiian Shirt of your choice, Wal Mart just came out with some good shirt and cheap. too.

Those pancake holsters keep, larger firearms tight to the body, but fit it to your body. When you are on the move it moves with you. I have the GLOCK 17, 9mm, GEN4 and a GLOCK 20, GEN4; 10mm; HEAVY !


Have you ever looked into a bra holster,they attach to the front center of you bra and it is a retention holster and can be drawn from the bottom or you can set it to be drawn from the top

I have noticed that it seems as though most carry on the waist and out of all talk about holster and carrying concealed there has not been no mention of shoulder carrying at all that I have seen. I have never carried at the waist,guess it is the way I dress, i wear western cut clothes with shirt tucked in and the shirts all have snaps so I carry a Taurus PT745 Pro Millennium and the shoulder holster I use is the cloth deep cover and is closed in front with Velcro.I wear it over my t-shirt and is very comfortable and does not rub you,I don’t ever think about it while I have it on and it doesn’t even print at all and is very comfortable,and I also wear western boots and carry my Taurus G2 9mm in a ankle holster in my left boot top and the weapon fits down in the top perfectly and does not print and there is room for it to be drawn easily on demand. I am not going to say I go into FREE KILL ZONES armed,but i am always armed and I don’t go through metal detectors either since I have a pacemaker with defib so I bypass and get wanded and the metal snaps takes care of the wand and so far in 20 plus years of being armed I never been busted for being armed


Thanks, unfortunately I’m not equipped well enough for that😂I got the sticky holsters & some from Blue Star (IWB & OWB). The sticky ones are REALLY promising!! I think I’ll be ok now, having different options to choices from depending on how I need or want to dress.


That’s the key for me, options according to style of dress. Glad you’ve found some things that work for you. I haven’t tried one of the bra holsters, but I don’t think I’d like it either.

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Concealed Carry Magazine
Digital Archive

Please check your USCCA Magazine for February and March 2020.

It has some information to research for gear; Holsters.

Thank you !


Easy to carry, I like that a lot. What Company sir. Thank you !

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@Carol Any conclusions yet?

Lots of holster choices, mind boggling… the mrs and I have a collection…then one rainy day you will stumble onto the best or ultimate. I carry owb, use a holster by stealth gear, made in the salt lake city area. Vent core, does not pinch my fat when I sit or drive. For the range I like a kydex. I carry a legion by sig, went to their website to see who makes for sig legion and obtained one . One tip, loctite the screws on your holster as they work loose, same on my steel core everyday belt.

Kevin michalski, from uscca, I am poor at spelling, wears a Hawaiian shirt for coverup. Look like a tourist, inconspicuous.

The pix is the stealth gear holster. I lost screws, and have ordered them. Sometimes my mrs says I have a screw loose. Lol

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Actually yes! I bought both the IWB & OWB from Blue Star & love them both (along with some mag holders). The clips make it easy to slide them wherever you want them & the “click” when you holster tells you the gun is holstered securely. With the correct shirt there’s not much of a footprint with the OWB either. Then I got the Sticky, soft holster for IWB which carries in the front. Depending on where I’m going & what I have to wear, they all serve their purpose!

I want to thank everybody for all the great suggestions - you have all been SOOO helpful!:grinning:. A BIG THANKS to everyone!!:+1:


Glad you found gear that works for you; confidence in your gear makes for a more confident carrier, I think.

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Totally agree!

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