Clearing Malfunctions

How did I miss this great debate… :thinking:

First question that has come to my mind is: Does @Raymond34 carry a revolver? If yes, that would explain his response:

However is it worthy to sacrifice higher capacity, easy reload, easy concealment (semi auto) for theoretically non malfunctioning revolver?
Nope. It is not.
We train to clear malfunctions…if they occur. But what are the chances they occur? It’s much less likely that we need more than 6 rounds if bad happens. Even they occur, clearing malfunction is faster than reloading revolver.
The other thing is that after few months of shooting we should be able to find the way to NOT HAVE A SINGLE malfunction -> reliable firearm, reliable ammo, proper maintenance.

As we know, in 99%, malfunctions are caused by a user, and I’d say new shooters are the common group here.
Whenever I’ve been asked for recommendation, my first question is:
“How would you feel more secure - with six rounds or ten in your holster?” The answer gives me proper direction for the recommendation. Malfunction has nothing with it. It can be just avoided.


I’ll wrap this topic up by saying that opinions are like noses; everybody has got one. As for me , Jerzy, I carry both revolver and semi auto. Depends on my mood that particular day.