Chiappa Arms Shotguns

What’s been your experiences with this maker? Their “Rhino” is a design I’d like other makers to expand, but in this posting, I’m specifically asking about their triple-barreled, break-action shotguns with their single triggers.

THX - Very Instructive. Only a mindless thug would try to face one down - since they like to operate in trios, one barrel for each, if they try to press the action. I’d want to try it with as many rifled slug designs I could get - looks like a winner, and a devastating addition to a home-defense battery.

It looks impressive but think I would prefer a pump or semi with more capacity in case you end up running into 4 thugs or one of the three thugs ducks in time.

I have only shot a Chiappa that a friend owned once. It was a .357 lever action. Not the smoothest gun I’ve ever shot but it worked and was reasonably accurate.

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Hmmm better any day of the week than Biden’s double.

I’m envisioning a home invasion, here - close-up, and rough-and-nervy. How do you duck to avoid body-shots? If you had to touch off the first barrel within 5- 6 feet, the other 3 would resemble a flock of startled crows, unless they were totally nuts. Thieves want easy scores, not injuries. “If you kill the body, the head will follow.”

I have seen several videos of home invasions were as soon as the home owner fires the first shot the perps scatter in multiple directions throughout the house with amazing speed while returning fire. I am not at all confident under those conditions that I am going to have a 100% effective hit rate.

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