Carry Your in Church? Hell, YES!

Kevin Michalowski wrote this blog post a while ago and I couldn’t resist stealing the title and his opening paragraph:

Don’t get all upset with me about that headline. I know this is a family publication. But if you are talking about religion, you have to have some concept of Heaven and Hell. I was just being emphatic, not trying to lead anyone astray. But, I digress.

How long have you carried in your house of worship?


I had a talk with my minister the week that I got my CCL. I asked him how he viewed carrying in Church, and was gratified to find out that he was pro-2A. That was a little over a year ago, and I have been (discreetly) carrying in my Church ever since.


Every Sunday for 2-3yrs now? It’s been a minute.


I carried on the first day,very discreatly.A year later church security became upfront,Charleston S.C,and others.Help start low key security for protection of flock.That was four years ago.I was surprised atthe number of ccw holders.Glad I live in N.C,


I always carry in church. I know others who carry, too. We have a Safety Team - the intent is not to fight back, necessarily, but all team members are expected to act more as eyes and ears to take action before something happens. Not all who carry as part of the Safety Team. I do not know if all Safety Team members (I am not…yet) carry.


Having a team to be aware and protect the congregation as they focus on the service is important as well. Security teams don’t need to all be armed to be incredibly helpful and life saving.


i have carried in church, at every church event, for the three years since i got my conceal carry permit. am now an armed member of our safety / security team. My usual post is the lobby attendant for our childrens church building.

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Absolutely. Ever notice these “mass shooter” crazies never go to a gun range, police bar, or gun show to start shooting people? No, they go places where they are pretty sure no one will be shooting back. When word gets around that people in church will and do shoot back, I have a feeling they will try to find another target.

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Unfortunately my church has really been against carrying at Church. They put signs up for a short time, but took them down after a couple of months. They were advised to not leave them. They have started forming teams, with rules like must be a former military, LEO, or carried for 15+ years. That being said, they took the signs down and I carry. I don’t want to be part of the action team. I think that’s not a bad idea, but conceal carry has a lot of power to it.

These church shootings are the reason. I’ve started carrying. They are were my family is most vulnerable to an attack. A church actually had a shooter that was stopped with a CC recently, and I hope my church starts learning from it. If that had been us, many many innocent lives could have been lost.

I have been carrying in our current church for at least 10 years. I believe nearly half the men, and several women carry every Sunday. Pastor encourages it, and recently asked me to organize and head the new Security Team.

My current boyfriend is trying to get me to start going to church with him, and I probably should but Sunday’s are my usual range day along with Friday, but the church had their annual rummage sale and the pastor knows I have ccw, and am former police, so he asked me to be security for the sale. Now he is almost begging me to become a member of the church because of the recent church shootings.