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Any state requirements for how your gun is carried in a vehicle with a concealed carry permit in Wisconsin?

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No restrictions that I know of. :us:

Carry Locations


Can you carry a concealed handgun in a vehicle in Wisconsin? Yes, with a Wisconsin Concealed Weapons License or a license/permit from a state that Wisconsin honors, but not in or on the grounds of a school. The Wisconsin Supreme Court on 4/10/18 ruled that a person must have a license that is valid in Wisconsin to carry a concealed loaded handgun within reach in a vehicle.

Without a license, a loaded handgun must not be concealed in any manner, including on a car seat. Based on the Wisconsin Court of Appeals ruling in State v. Walls (1994), in order to be considered openly carried in a vehicle, the handgun must be discernible from the ordinary observation of a person located outside and within the immediate vicinity of the vehicle. Some interpret this to mean above the window line of the vehicle.

[Wis. Stat. § 167.31]
[Wis. Stat. § 948.605]


@BRUCE26 so it doesn’t have to be secured in any certain manner?


I know of no rules while you are in the vehicle, If you leave it in the vehicle it should be secured.


I appendix carry. That said, there are times when it’s on the passenger seat. There are others when it’s holstered in the drink carrier. It’s at times in the door pocket. As Long As you hold a ccw permit, you’re good! The law is very specific for those that do not.


Yeah a while back I stopped at the sheriff’s office in town to ask as I conceal carry cross side & have another firearm on the side of my console when I go to Milwaukee. No problem. However no loaded uncased rifles. Bad juju that is…


Got dot inspected in my semi the only thing he asked was is it holstered


I’m quite sure he/she was asking for their safety and yours.

@Marrio i agree…he was very polite about it