Hi guys i live in Cali . and yes i know it can get really frustrating when it comes to the laws for gun. one min its ok next your arrested cause you have pistol grip on the rifle smh… anyways just wondering if anybody here knows the restrictions for rimfire .22 rifles… wanna make sure im up to date before i purchase one for training.


Best bet is to look it up on your state website. I wouldn’t trust anything anybody said. You ask 5 people and you’ll get 3 different answers.

Hi @Meynard! We’ve got a link to the Handgun link on and click on California.

I would suggest searching that site for details (they do cover rifles on that site as well but it looks like the laws depend on the rifle just like the handguns.) Your local FFL or gun store should be able to tell you if they can legally sell it to you as well.

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hehhe thats so true… thank you i appreciate it.

Current “evil features” that would classify as an AWB per CA bolognie only applies to center fire calibered weapons.

Just make sure to keep up with pending legislations that may pop up.

Here in CA they have been trying to include all semi auto firearms even rimfire .22lr, best thing to do is look on the CA DOJ website.

Other items such as no more than 10 rd magazine capacity, unless non restricted magazines over 10rd magazines were obtained prior to ‘99 or during “freedom week” of 2019 , 16 inch min barrel length, with 26 inch overall length.

This is my Ruger 10/22 with a ProMag archangel marauder stock kit. I pinned and epoxied the folding stock