California CCW & visible spare magazines

California: is it legal to carry a spare mag semi-openly on belt clip owb, if my gun is fully concealed per CCW permit reqs?

It’s uncomfortable and heavy to have both gun AND spare mag IWB on my small frame.

Also don’t want to run afoul of brandishing laws etc.

It is my opinion you are setting yourself up for needless detainment by law enforcement. There are a number of excellent concealment mag carriers on the market which allow for concealment comfortably. Even minimal displaying can cause concern by the general public.

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Welcome to the forums Frank.

Thanks, appreciate finding USCCA. Been permitted for over 35 yrs. Never had to use my weapon, hopefully never have to but always prepared.

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I’m also a concealed carrier in CA and I am not aware of any law you would be violating. As far as a permit violation, that could depend on the conditions set forth by the Sheriff of your county who issued the permit. I’d be surprised that would be a condition though.

I agree with @Frank50, there are some great magazine holders and magazine carry options that openly carrying a spare mag is probably not the answer. What kind of attire do you usually wear? What kind of gun/magazine do you typically carry?

I use Alien Gear’s Cloak Mag Carrier in the OWB configuration under my untucked shirt.

I guess if you had to you could find a closed pouch that would make it look like you are carrying a knife or a multitool if you really needed to.

You could also maybe pocket carry with something like a SnagMag,

A closed, multi tool type would be good, but I haven’t found any with closed top and sides that conceals well enough. Most are strap tops that show the contents too much.

What about carrying OWB with a cover garment, @Glock27ccw? Still concealed, but not IWB.

Seems like this is going to work for $10, firm form, not soft sided, closed top, looks like a knife rather than a magazine, and user reviews say it holds a mag nicely.

Outdoor Edge 4.5" Multi-Use Nylon Holster with Belt Clip & Carabiner, Black (FS-45)


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