# California: Carson City Council Fails to Pass Unconstitutional Resolution Targeting Lawful Firearm Possession and Sales

September 17, the Carson City Council failed to pass anti-gun [Resolution 19-1693]The resolution was being pushed by Mayor Albert Robles in an effort to prohibit firearm dealers and firearm possession in the City of Carson to the point of a near outright ban.

Thank you to all the Second Amendment supports who attended the hearing and called the City Council to oppose Resolution 19-1693.

[Resolution 19-1693]would have:

  • Imposed “reasonable” minimum separation distance requirements, “preferably of a radius of one mile,” between gun dealers and the following: schools, churches, day-care centers, recreation facilities, bars, liquor stores, and residential zones;

  • Provided for the elimination of existing gun dealers that would be deemed “nonconforming” by the new resolution.

  • Prohibited the sale and possession of firearms on all City-owned property and public right-of-way, including City Hall and other City-owned buildings and all City parks and recreation facilities, subject to exceptions for possession of firearms by law enforcement officers; and

  • Prohibited or restricted the sale of additional firearm accessories.

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My biggest issue with all these laws is they don’t apply to law enforcement.

I support law enforcement but they are citizens as well and as far as I know they are required to follow ALL laws citizens are, there are traffic exceptions when responding to calls. I’m sure there are others.

Never is one citizen’s life more valuable or important than another’s and by having exceptions for different groups they are saying that group is allowed more safety and protection than another.

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This Mayor was trying to be slick, he couldn’t shut down the gun dealers legally, so he tried by re-zoning the city to be a gun free zone. The scary part is if failed in a 2 to 2 vote, to close.

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