Building a 10/22... help with parts?

So my granddaughter had fun doing some basic mods on her glock (sights, drop-in trigger) and she likes my 10/22 rifle, so guess what she’s getting for Christmas?
A 10/22 stock like mine and enough parts to build her own :slight_smile:

What I’d LOVE to find is a complete kit with a bull barrel, less the stock, for building a 10/22… in pink or purple.

Anyone have a lead for such a thing?

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It’s been over a decade, but back in the day the Rimfire Central Forum was a great source of information and conversation.

As a side note, if you’re looking for a shooter versus a Gucci 10/22, it’s been suggested that the chamber of the stock 10/22 either is great from the factory or isn’t so great. If it isn’t so great, than some people can modify it to the proper specs. This level of accuracy should satisfy 99.9% of casual target shooters.

That being said, there are many 10/22 customization options out there. Be aware, a bull barrel is HEAVY. If you get a lightweight tensioned barrel, some people have complained (with certain popular companies) about not enough steel in the chamber area and the aluminum sleeves getting battered with the bolt after a few thousand rounds (10/22 plus 1k rounds goes really quickly).

Another thing to consider, is that the way the 10/22 attaches the barrel, if you start building you could have issues with shooting really low (unless proper torque is used and tested at the range), so much so that your scope adjustments might not compensate for the shift. I had considered trying to modify a take-down model, since it doesn’t have the same setup, but moved away from an outdoor range, and don’t enjoy shooting as much at the closer indoor ranges.

I think Brownell’s has a lot of 10/22 parts to start window shopping. Good luck on the build!

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Gotta go with @Scotty bull barrels on the 10/22 make it way nose heavy. That said my Clerk heavy tube sits in a B&C Anshutz stock (Actually it looks more like a McMillan prone stock or A4) that I bedded the first 2 inches of. That said I think Houge did make a pink Overmold stock at one time and there are a couple folks that do Pink and Purple laminated stocks. Google “Pink Stock for 10/20”.

The barrel channel for a stock gun and a bull tube are VASTLY different. If you look for 10/22 race gun parts you may find all that you desire for about 7X the cost of a 10/22:flushed: Kidd and Tactical Solutions jump out as some of the best product lines.

If she want’s a prone or bench gun heavy tubes are fine, If she wants to stand on her hind legs and shoot a 20 - 22" tapered heavy might be the ticket (assuming optics). They come in handy when shooting subsonics but ya’ turn a semi into a pull bolt.

I will warn you 10/22’s are ALMOST as much fun as AR-15’s when it comes to building and modifying.




That’s the thing I’m hoping for :grin:
Going to try and infect the granddaughter with the gunsmithing bug :wink:

Heres the stock I’m looking at, as a starting point. This is a bull barrel stock, but maybe I’ll look for a comparable one in light barrel.


^^ and this is why I come to you guys :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

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I put in a ruger bx trigger. The stock is awful.
I used an ArchAngel stock on mine but that pink one rocks. My kids shoot the Ruger. I shoot the Smith.

We use ours for rimfire challenges.


For a stock, look at a Boyd’s SS Evolution. The rest of the 10/22 you can literally buy in pieces like an AR, or start with one of the various models Ruger offers, and upgrade as required.

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Like @Scotty said, has a ton of good info. I’ve been hanging out there, getting ideas and tips for the 4 H kids.


I put an Archangel Marauder on our 10/22.

I agree with the BX trigger as well. 10/22s are fun, people get a kick out of finding out this is a .22LR at the range.

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You can pretty much get everything you need at either Volquartzen or Tactical Solutions. Proof also makes a very nice barrel too. There are a few others that make the carbon fiber barrels. That is the way to go for a bull profile and rigidity without the weight.

Love the stock!!

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I’ll just mention again, you might want to peruse Rimfire Central for experience on those lightweight bull barrels and peening issues, as well as harmonic stabilization strategies. Although it looks cool, it might not really be worth it with 22 lr… to some it is.

I’ll also add, that back in the day you could pick up a lightened trigger spring kit from Brownell’s for a few bucks (not compatible with some 10/22’s from pre late 90’s). Huge difference from stock. I loved mine, but full disclosure, I haven’t tried the $150+ drop in trigger kits either.

Also, be aware that 100 yards will have significant bullet drop and wind POI changes with the 22lr cartridge. Still loads of fun and can make one think further about environmental influences over MOA rifle parts.