Breaking: Supreme Court Hears First Gun-Rights Case in Years | USCCA

For the first time since its ruling in McDonald v. Chicago nearly 11 years ago, the U.S. Supreme Court has decided to hear a gun-rights case. Its decision in New York State Rifle & Pistol Association Inc. v. Corlett will have far-reaching consequences for gun owners throughout the nation. For this reason, the case is something to keep a close eye on. Fortunately, we will keep our readers updated as events unfold.

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I wouldn’t jump for joy yet, this is the first 2A case in a decade and will set the tone for all other case’s, hopefully SCOTUS will make the right decision, if they rule in favor, then the democrats will do cheetah flips and gorilla stomps, if they don’t rule in favor, then we know where they stand with the 2nd amendment.


That case is the reason I can carry legally! It’s a winner.


I don’t have a lot of faith in the current bench.


I hope that the case will be presented , not as expanding 2A rights, but in the context of “the right shall not be infringed”.


Living in one of the “may Issue” states I will be watching this closely! I have been surprised in some recent SCOTUS rulings which leads me to believe that the specific message, material and positioning that the Legal Counsel for NYSR&PA present to SCOTUS will dictate how optimistic we should all be that the current infringement of rights can begin a reversal. Like most of us, I contribute as much as I can to assist in funding organizations that support our rights. I would love to understand how/if organizations like USCCA, NRA-ILA, etc. are leveraging coffers to determine what resources may be needed to further support the crafting of a high probability of win petition to SCOTUS.


I left a “may issue” state for that very reason! Draconian gun laws. I’m in a shall issue state and love it!