SCOTUS Takes Gun Case That Could Decimate Gun Control Laws. Left-Wing


I hope the Supreme Court rules in favor of us everyday gun owners and doesn’t rule in favor of Crazy Leftist. Millions and millions of regular Americans aren’t the one’s out there committing those crimes.


Not to get too political, but this will be the ROI and “suffering” through all the “stuff” that is President Trump, the confirmation hearing sideshows that devolved into character assassination…but it will have all been worth it if we get a good ruling from SCOTUS on this.


@JamesR. You’re very right James. Well elections are 11 months and 1 day from today. I know who I want already. No name(s) mentioned. I don’t get political see how easy that is😉
So from the article, Monday!? That’s today😀


I’m hearing rumblings that it will get rendered moot.

NYC repealed this early 2019. If it gets rendered moot, this will make me angry on a several levels…

  • It means that NYC got away with it
  • There will not be precedent set for future cases to weigh against
  • the pro-gun groups have spent TONS of cash in supporting this case that will have all gone to the wind

Edited to add from the article (emphasis mine):

Arguing on behalf of the gun owners, former U.S. solicitor general Paul Clement told the justices that the text and history of the Second Amendment make clear that the city’s transport ban was unconstitutional. Complaining that the city has “struggled mightily to make this case go away,” Clement spent much of his time at the lectern fielding questions about whether the court should decide the Second Amendment question at all.

Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg led the way, asking Clement what was left of his case, if his clients had already received everything they wanted. Justice Sonia Sotomayor echoed Ginsburg’s concern. She told Clement that he was asking the justices to take a case “in which the other side has thrown in the towel” and “opine on a law that’s not on the books anymore.”

Clement maintained that there is still a live controversy for the justices to tackle because, if his clients had prevailed in the district court, they would have asked for a declaration that the transport ban was unconstitutional and an order that would not only bar the city from enforcing the ban in the future, but also would prohibit it from considering past violations of the ban in future licensing decisions. Moreover, Clement added, the new scheme only allows continuous and uninterrupted travel outside the city, which means that gun owners can’t make stops for coffee or to use the restroom. More broadly, Clement continued, allowing a government to moot a case after the Supreme Court grants review would set a bad precedent.


Everyone should remember this threat from the left. They seem heck bent on dismantling individual rights. I know we want to respect our liberal gun owning friends, and I do, but the left, as a party, is at war with everyone who values their freedom. How we vote has significant consequences.
Supreme Court hears gun control case that inspired court-packing threat from Dems


About time SCOTUS did something about the 2nd Amendment. Places like California, Connecticut,Washington State and D.C. NYC,Chicago,and other anti gun States are running amok making up laws that infringe on the U.S. Constitution and the Supreme Court just sits there idle letting it happen meanwhile appeals and and lawsuit cases are backing up the Justice System which is what the liberals want so they can be tyrannical and get away with gun confiscation without due process. Get off your high horse SCOTUS and do your job to settle these urgent matters once and for all


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Well that’s slightly more positive

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