Brass Brush Okay on Blued Revolver?

I have a Ruger SP101 with a brushed stainless steel frame. I clean the bore and chambers with Hoppe’s #9 on a brass bristle bore brush, and the cylinder’s face and forcing cone area with a “tooth brush” style brass brush. I am considering the purchase of a Ruger New Vaquero, a blued .357 single action revolver. Does the use of a brass brush damage the blued finish? Does the cylinder face never get cleaned because you won’t notice the carbon buildup anyway? It would be a disaster if I ruined a new revolver…

Comments appreciated.


My question is: Would the brass brush effect the finish ? Not in the least. On a blued gun some brass may be deposited on the blued steel . It can be removed with a rag and some cold blue .Jan 24, 2009

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Cleaning revolver with brass

I had to google this one was not sure myself but there is the answer. Clean away brother.

Thanks much, @Johnnyq60. It’s a pretty piece and I’d hate to scar it.


AlexV, I hate to go aginst the members that have said go ahead and use a brass brush on blue steel, but I will I suggest that you do not do that.
If you have ever looked at a blued weapon that has been carried you will see where the blue has worn off of the high points of the weapon. Granted, it may have taken a while to wear, but the point is it does wear. Blue finish is a surface treatment to slow do the formation of rust/corrosion.
If I have to use a brush on my weapon it will be a well worn tooth brush. In my opinion the brass will scratch the surface and allow small traces of rust/corrosion to start. In the end it is your weapon, what ever you choose to clean the weapon is OK with me, just not my choice.




As for the “go-ahead”'s, I think that the responses from earlier were referring to removing copper fouling rather than using a copper brush

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Yup. That’s what old tooth brushes are for! Don’t forget to brush under the ejector star and between the top strap/forcing cone

@John292, @larry84 and @iamteeg, I certainly appreciate your chiming in. It’s a brass brush, not copper, but I believe brass is scratchier than copper so your comments certainly apply. Thanks to all.

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While true that brass or copper or silicone bronze (which is what most bore brushes are made of) are obviously softer than steel, they likely aren’t softer than your finely blued finish.
It is the finish you want to keep looking pristine, right?

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I wouldn’t do it. There’s gotta be a better way.


That’s right. I think we are saying the same thing, so thanks, @John292.

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