Blow holes in your preconceptions

I came across this article that confirms something I have thought for a long time as well as reinforces some things I have said and suggested in other posts. Here is a short essay of a woman who was “forced” by a class assignment to visit a gun range and her thought process leading up to the experience and subsequent visit to the range has given her a crisis of conscious. Why? because the actual experience has opened her eyes to the realities of gun ownership. While she is not yet all the way there, she has learned that there is much more to gun ownership than her preconceptions and I would suspect that further positive experiences with firearms would make a gun owner out of her.

And that, my friends, is your homework. Find someone, and I know we all know people like this, who are against guns and wear them down. Get them to go to the range with you and show them a positive experience. Dont preach, dont overwhelm them with instruction. Just keep them safe and let them have fun.


An interesting approach to the subject.


Getting them to like shooting is easy. I have done it many times. It’s not enough. We have to get them to stop voting leftways.