Block 19 Gun: What are your thoughts?

No worries…
We all want the same :muscle:


I’m not a mother hen type and think that most of my childhood was survived by finding out the hard way on most things. However, this reminds me of the Lego style candy they had when my kid was young (I think it’s still around). They put the suffocation warning on the bag:

It just seemed to me that the real warning might have been that some kid not knowing any better after eating a bunch of these, might try to eat an actual Lego block and choke on it.
When I was a kid, I wanted my toys to look like weapons.
Now I’m old, and I like my weapons to look like weapons.


No strong feelings in any direction. The idea doesn’t appeal to me, but my choices shouldn’t be imposed upon others.


I’m still trying to come up with a possible legitimate purpose to doing this to a poor unsuspecting Glock. I’m not having any success. It is true that Glocks aren’t the most beautiful belle at the ball, but this certainly doesn’t enhance its appearance. That thing is uglier than homemade sin. I can’t imagine how this could improve the function or accuracy in any way. It certainly isn’t a safety enhancement. So…Why?

My vote is, just say no.