Bipartisan Background Checks Act of 2021 (H.R. 8 and HR 1446) voted on in the House

As we continue to spiral into tyranny.

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Whatever the title of these bills out of DC say the actual bill is almost always the opposite. Have a hard time calling this bill bipartisan when over 95% of one of the parties does not support it. I’m not a fan of either party but don’t call something bipartisan because a couple people agree with the other side. Maybe if you can get 25%+ to agree.

The language of this bill potentially makes it a crime to hand a gun to a friend to look at or try out on private property or public lands. Not to mention the burdensome paperwork and fees for selling your legally owned property and the likelihood that these checks will be used for an illegal registry of firearm owners despite the language saying it won’t. And of course it will not solve the problems it is claiming to. Criminals don’t follow the law.


The House of Representatives has passed a second gun control bill today in just a few short hours. And this one’s a doozy.

Following the passage of HR 8 (national gun registry) this morning, the House also voted to pass HR 1446 - indefinite firearms transaction delays.

As you know, under present law, the FBI has up to 3 days to return the results of a completed background check to FFLs.

If nothing prohibiting is discovered within that time, a firearm transaction MUST be concluded. But HR 1446 nukes that!


Indeed, this draconian legislation increases the amount of time the FBI can sit on a check from 3 days to a MINIMUM of 10 days and no upper limit.

That means anti-gun government officials within the Deep State could literally delay your firearm transactions INDEFINITELY!

That’s why FPC is sending out this emergency gun rights update and why we are urging all law-abiding gun owners to take action ASAP.

Please click this link and use FPC’s Take Action tools to contact the Senate. Tell them to REJECT HR 1446!


Then, if you can, please make a contribution of whatever you can afford to help FPC kill this bill!

Combined, HR 8 and HR 1446 - which were introduced just this month and passed today - could effectively place the Second Amendment on ICE.

What’s more, HR 8 just passed with REPUBLICAN SUPPORT! Which means it has a chance in the Senate.

Fancy buying that new AR? You’d either better buy it now or take action to stop this legislation.


Because if you don’t, you could be picking up your next gun on the 12th of NEVER!

Don’t let the government get away with this treason. Take Action and donate NOW to stop it!

Stay Free,

Firearms Policy Coalition

Here they come again.


And both bills are bad and go against the 2A. And in some cases also goes against gun laws already on the books now.


It’s only a matter of time until these new 2A sanctuaries are put to the test.


Time for red state governors to stand against the tyrannical anti-Constitution federal “laws”. We must take a stand now or it will be the end of freedom.


@USCCA , please add HR 1446 to the title.

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“If you are afraid to vote for gun violence prevention because of your political survival, understand this: The political survival of none of us is more important than the survival of our children,” Speaker Nancy Pelosi said in a press conference on Thursday."

House approves gun control bills expanding background checks (