The American RINO population is thriving

It seems that some of our “trusted” and “oh we will defend the 2A for you if elected” Republicans are up to their old shenanigans again.

HR 8 Universal Background Checks.

HR 8 was passed with the help of 8 Republicans, (who supposedly are all “freshman Representatives”) below is a list of all 8 “Rino’s” with their office numbers. If they are your Representative you can call and talk to them as HR 8 as it stands will have to create a National Registry.

Why a National Gun Registry would follow from bill you say? To enforce it you have to have every gun purchase or transfer listed in it. Which by it’s simple existence would mean the Government would know who owned what gun when, well except for criminals. Because well they are criminals and don’t follow the law. With a gun registry, agents of the Government could then go to a home and know exactly what guns were there and if any unregistered guns were there, charges for you. A registered gun is missing, guess what more charges for you.

Some really famous “leaders” like Josef Stalin, Adolf Hitler, Pol Pot, and Mao Tse Tung used gun registries to disarm their populations. I don’t think I need to remind anyone how those went.

Vern Buchanan (Fla.) 202-225-5015
Brian Fitzpatrick (Pa.) 202-225-4276
Maria Salazar (Fla.) 202-225-3931
Andrew Garbarino (N.Y.) 202-225-7896
Chris Smith (N.J.) 202-225-3765
Fred Upton (Mich.) 202-225-3761
Carlos Gimenez (Fla.) 202-225-2278
Adam Kinzinger (Ill.) 202-225-3635

3 Democratic Representatives voted present which means they didn’t vote yes or no on it.

Then we get to HR 1446, and 2 more RINO’s voted yes on it. They are

Brian Fitzpatrick (Pa.) 202-225-4276
Chris Smith (N.J.) 202-225-3765

One Democratic Representative actually voted no on it
Jared Golden (ME) (202) 225-6306

HR 1446

Extends the wait time on gun background checks to 10 days and could be even longer with appeals and such.

Brian Fitzpatrick (Pa.) 202-225-4276
Chris Smith (N.J.) 202-225-3765

Both voted yes on those 2 gun control measures.

So if any of these are your elected representatives and you feel strongly one way or another you can call them at their Washington DC Offices and leave your opinion. :innocent:

BTW with those 8 Congressional Republicans for HR 8 and 2 Congressional Republicans voting for HR 1446. Nancy Pelosi (no name calling for Ms. Pelosi) declared that it proved the 2 bills had " Overwhelming Bipartisan support.


Stop donating to the R.N.C. Starve the R.I.N.O.s.


I don’t donate to political parties. I donate to actual entities actively fighting for the 2 amendment.



So, my driver license had to be renewed last month.

I took the opportunity to change my party affiliation from R to none. Hopefully, it stops solicitations from RINOs.


I’m keeping my “R”! If anyone asks, it stands for Rônin!
I am warrior without a leader!


I really don’t like the term “RINO,” for two reasons.

First, it assumes there’s some sort of purity to politics. As in, if you disagree with me on anything, then we can’t work together on anything. That’s how I usually here the term used. Some Republican official did something you don’t like, so now he can’t be a part of your exclusive club. Anyone who does anything I don’t like has to join another party. That’s a fantastic strategy if your goal is to isolate yourself and get nothing.

Second, because it assumes that anyone from the GOP is someone who deserves my vote. The fact that we have to excuse someone as a ‘RINO’ implies that true Republicans will always do the right thing. But the party doesn’t exist to promote ideals; it exists to consolidate power.

My experience is that no elected official can be trusted. In fact, if you get an honest moment with someone in office, they’ll usually tell you the same thing. But by the same token, I don’t expect anyone to agree with me on everything.
The reality is that in our 2-party system, people join one party or another to promote their own self interests, not because they passed a litmus test. Take it from a former Democrat, the people in that party HATE each other. HAAAAAAATE. They only thing they hate more are Republicans, and that’s what holds the party together.

When it comes to 2A issues, I don’t expect much from the left. There are still pro-2A Democrats out there, but their party won’t support them. I also don’t expect much from the right. The party sees an opportunity to use 2A to get donations and votes, but individuals will typically go whichever way the wind blows. Remember, they’re not “leaders,” they’re “representatives.” If you want more pro-2A politicians, you have to get more pro-2A voters.


You are making an assumption about my beliefs on this topic. I called alot of elected Representatives yesterday.

One thing all of them seemed to have in common was that they were strong supporters of the 2nd Amendment, but they believed in “common sense gun control”. The two that I enjoyed talking with the most were both Democrats. One was the sole no vote was the Democrat Representative from Maine. The other was the sole Democratic who stands in the way of the Democratic Party doing away with the Filibuster.

I also called the sole senator standing in the way of the Democrats doing away with the filibuster.

One thing you and I have in common though @Ouade5 is I too am sick and tired of hearing from my elected Representatives about how pro 2A they are and then getting and sicker to my stomach as I watch them be slowly eroded away.

These are 2 very dangerous bills, especially, with the way they both are worded. That was why I took the time and effort to write this. So that if this was anyone’s elected Representative they could call and speak with them and give their opinion.

You, hopefully noticed, that I put this in the fun humorous section. That’s because I was poking fun at the term RINO.

Not you, specifically. It’s the term “RINO” that’s wearing me out. Outsider looking in- the petty attitude communicated when one Republican calls another a “RINO” is partially why Republicans struggle on the national level. I find it funny that so many on the right accuse each other of being “RINOs” when the party nominated Mr. Trump, who (at the time, at least) was neither a conservative nor a Republican. That proves that they’re capable of having a large tent, but yet they still waste so much (political) ammunition on friendly fire rather than pointing the front towards the enemy.

If there are large, important issues that need to be addressed, then we need to put aside anything less important. I happen to believe Bill of Rights issues (1A, 2A, 4A) are critical. You’re doing all the right things, from what I can tell.

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@Ouade5 , a fantastic post. There is no purity in politics. None. I would hope their could be purity on core concepts at least, core concepts like the Constitution being the Standard, and more specifically the 2nd Amendment being absolute. But even that is a stretch for our spineless friends.

Regardless, none of the names on @Zavier_D list should surprise anyone.

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They are all first term Representative 's supposedly according to the article I read. That surprised me :scream_cat::hushed:

@Zavier_D I hear you! But in their brief stint, they all have left plenty of clues as to their complete lack of spinal vertebrae.

“I’m a strong supporter of the second amendment, but …”
Translation = “I don’t support the 2nd Amendment”

The misconception of Republicans is that they’re conservative. If the party were conservative, then RINO would be appropriate for these 8 representatives, It’s not, though.
Conservatives have been duped into thinking the R’s are on their side, the same way as Liberals have been duped into thinking the D’s are on theirs.
With nearly every major vote the last few decades split straight down party lines, it should be perfectly obvious, that the vast majority of U.S congress members have no real principles other than party loyalty.


all just saying whatever you will believe to get vote, seems like you should count your fingers after shaking hands with a “politician”


I can tell you that changing from R to LIB did dramatically cut down on the junk mail…unfortunately in PA it also cuts you out of a vote in the Primary elections…so sadly had to switch back.

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It won’t. Still get them.