Bill of Rights the 2nd


Yeah, that’s why personally — I like to advocate by focusing on the real barriers and best strategies, even multifaceted (I think) . Barrier being the state laws, strategy being changing the laws, state by state.

For it’s the state law that can limit our motions. Cannot override a state law with a federal law and still be state legal. Do I wanna get prosecuted by a state? No way; they are too hungry.

Know the battle, pick the battle, use the right tool, a bite with teeth. Love the constitution, but use it to change laws, that is a bite with no teeth. Is the constitution truly a federal law, or is it something different? Always thought it was unique, a guide, a code of ethics, an outline opposing tyranny, our history. The elephant in the room, “a brand new country had just had a revolutionary war against a tyrannical government.” Pretty smart move to put it in writing, yes, we can “bear arms”.

Remember one cliche definition of insanity?

As far as the 2A protecting our rights, of course it helps, but I want more. The laws from federal, to state, county, and city help too, and in a way, I think the 2A can be one of their foundations. But I don’t put all my eggs in that basket, especially since today, it can be argued that the 2A was not focused on the average citizen to own as self-defense against same citizens; But today we say it is, and that’s ok, because “We are the people”.

Hence, the First Amendment.

No reciprocity in those certain states my friend? Please follow the law there by the letter. By doing so, you are “Staying safe”. I admit, that makes my tummy ache too. Wish I could travel there as well. Those states are beautiful. I was motivated and ended up now licensed in 38 states.

Took my family member to the range for his first time recently. We really enjoyed our family time and then took the family out for a nice dinner. It was so important to be together as we all had experienced loss this year. I shared with him lessons on safety you all taught me. He’s now expressing he might want to obtain license, and training.


My generation are mistakenly interpreting freedom for control.

Many of you might be asking yourself just how that could be. But, its true. For example, we all could be on television discussing this same topic and those would not simply just turn the channel but would be determined to shut us up. The First Amendment is being restricted just like our beloved Second.

The very same group of people are eager to rid law-abiding citizens of means to protect themselves and all in the name of “safety.” My local news is on a crusade to increase gun laws. They have brought mothers who lost there children to human violence. KTBS 3 and KSLA 12 label this “Gun Violence” and you all know guns do not have human capabilities. Reckon, I should launch a car violence group. After all, I lost my father in a car accident. I mean since we are looking to blame something, what about cigarette violence? Don’t say it is not the same!



This is the case to watch. A ruling either way could change everything when it comes to private weapons ownership and carrying.


The Founding Fathers feared an all-powerful government and put checks and balances in place to hold one at bay. Sadly those checks and balances have been slowly chipped away at and we’ve recently come to a government that just ignores codified law and does what it wants. We are in dangerous territory, my friends. The USA is the tip of the sword and if our government ever becomes the only entity to have guns, the world will fall.


So, rather than have a debate on the topic, you want to play word games. Got it. That does not further the debate, it just a juvenile method of debate, akin to the poster that points out spelling and grammar errors. This is an Internet forum, not an English class or debate between lawyers.

The document, our Constitution, provides the foundation of our government and enumerates a number of values (rights) that are considered inalienable, but also states we have other rights that are not enumerated in this document.

Not every country has the same values as the USA. That is what makes our country so great, because it recognizes and protects our rights. Further, our government is able to change as needed, but not on a whim. It takes amending our constitution, which is designed not to be easy.

Regardless of how the SCOTUS rules on a particular law, they have already ruled that laws that are repugnant to the Constitution are unlawful and invalid.

We, as a nation, have only one culture. There may be groups within the USA that do not understand our constitution and/or do not agree with it. That does not make that a culture. Additionally, as a nation, we are not “insular about colors”. That is bigoted and unacceptable. Your precious SCOTUS has ruled on that, and voting will not change that, whether or not you agree.

If you read the speeches and writings of the Founding Fathers, you will find that they did believe our RKBA to be an individual right and did believe in self-defense.

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And John Adams gave us the definition of what the militia was as it was understood at the time of the Founding. “What is the Militia? It is the whole body of the people…” That, people, is ALL of US. Not real hard to understand except, apparently, by our “leaders”. Also, they seem to lack the understanding of the meaning of “shall not be infringed”. Willful ignorance or ignorant willfulness?


Some call these natural rights. Others believe a god or other authority figure is required.

Fortunately, our human-derived scheme wisely recognizes and aims to protect many divergent belief systems all at the same time under one flag. :wink:

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I understand that, legally speaking, there is no distinction between “natural right” and “God-given right.”
It’s like “Nature and Nature’s God,” or the difference between a “Natural disaster” and an “Act of God.” Check your insurance policy, it probably states both just to cover their butts no matter who is on the jury.