Big Brother is watching - What does the 4th amendment say?

From The Article:
The metadata the NSA is buying can reveal loads of personal information about you. It can expose if you’ve purchased a gun, where you vote, sensitive medical records, your financial status, and even your sexuality.

Didn’t someone ask if we thought we were being spyed on? Well, AAaa, Yep Big Brother is watching.

What was it that musty Dusty ole Constitution of The United States said?

Fourth Amendment

The right of the people to be secure in their persons, houses, papers, and effects, against unreasonable searches and seizures, shall not be violated, and no Warrants shall issue, but upon probable cause, supported by Oath or affirmation, and particularly describing the place to be searched, and the persons or things to be seized.

Oh well forget about that one, apparently we don’t like or need that one any more.

And then there’s this…

From the Article:

In its Agency Inventory of AI Use Cases, the DOJ lists the project, code-named Tyr, as being in the “initiation” phase for the FBI, which intends to customize and use the technology “to review and identify items containing nudity, weapons, explosives, and other identifying information.”


The question has never been answered…



We are living in a Sucky New World now Brothers
This shite’s gotten out of hand on so many levels
‘These people’ are the enemy of ‘THE PEOPLE’
They haven’t been FOR US for a long time.
They’ve SOLD US OUT to Foreign entities
We are one big fat Target for our enemies now
Ripe for picking and exploiting
INVADED on many fronts.
And I don’t give a shite if they can read my posts, Know what I purchase
how many guns etc. Once you walk out the front door, Open the lid of
of your computer, they have you. I say WGAF!
I don’t worry about ANYTHING today
Fluoride in my toothpaste, BS in my water system, stuff injected in my Steak
I don’t care.
They aren’t going to kill me with stress.
I’ve reached the point where all I can really honestly say is you better bring
your ‘A’ game if you try to phuck w/ me. Because As Clint Smith from
THUNDER RANCH say’s I’m going to give you an ‘E Ticket ride A**hole’ you mess with me.
(and you are NOT going to like it)
There’s only so much you can mess with a Man until he say’s ‘Phuck it all, Wipe it clean!’
So, gather your Intel, Tax me to death, Invade my privacy, whatever
But you Knock (or No knock) on my door make sure your affairs are in order, You kissed
your wife before you left the house, because Brother I am NOT going out of this world alone.
“Let em come
Let em come
Let em come”—attributed to : Mark ‘OZ’ Geist US Mutha Phuckin’ MARINE! AMEN


We opened Pandora’s box. With AI coming on strong, now it can’t be closed.


Ahhh … but the 4th Amendment was enacted by the founders in a different age. It’s an outdated anachronism in today’s world. Who wouldn’t give up a little privacy if it meant that those government agencies searching and monitoring your on-line presence and your person would provide us with a little more security? After all, they are beneficial government agencies who are looking for truly bad guys and would never do anything to harm the governed they work for, right?

We should repeal the 4th Amendment to make us safer.



TRUTH Brother Mark,
Thank God they are with us and not against us! All Hail .gov !
the Great Benefactor! the great Collector of Souls!

If he helps us anymore, we’re all DEAD!

Clean-up on aisle (3) !


That is the way our government is supposed to work. If enough people in enough states feel an amendment should no longer apply then they can get together and make a new one to over ride the old one.

But until that is done all the government agencies and folks violating this amendment should be facing significant punishment for violating the law and their oaths.


The VERY SCARY part of this that these 2 articles were very easy to find. They are doing it right out in the open. They are telling us “We are ilegaly watching you”. AND There Is NO PUSH BACK, no court, no politician, no private groups, nobody. From where I sit it looks like they have a license to trample our God Given Rights.


They do have a license, a license granted to them by the governed’s acquiescence. I doubt whether anyone has even mentioned these infringements to their elected officials. No one gets voted out of office because of 4th Amendment over-reach. No one is stepping forward from the masses to run for office on 4th Amendment issues. No one will spend beaucoups money sponsoring a court case up to the Supreme Court to defend the 4th Amendment.


And, Sadly, They Know It.


Less you forget! That the present reign or even the democratic party itself, don’t believe in the constitution or the rights of the people!!! They just don’t give a phuck about us!!! They just want to rule us!!!


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@Richard896 Welcome to the community, you’re right about AI, it’s a whole new ball game.