Biden Regime Funded Radical International Group to Censor and Smear American Websites and News Outlets

Working through a third party to censor American news outlets for political gain is a direct violation of the first amendment. Bidung subverts the Constitution he swore to uphold at every opportunity. TREASON!

Of course, trusty Wikipedia has this to say about the Center for Countering Digital Hate. CCDH’s current CEO is Imran Ahmed. (Spoiler, it’s ALL GOOD!)


We keep changing holidays from their original intent/names. I can’t wait for “Bidens/Obamas/Pelosis all gone day.”


In the meantime, we’ll settle for April Fools Day.


That is not funny. I don’t know why I can’t stop laughing.:rofl::rofl::rofl:


Communist Community of d- Heads
Communist Communications for Disinformation and Hate
I can never remember which is the correct name for that organization, or did I still get it wrong?


I always wondered how anybody could NOT SEE the NAZI party’s rise
on the vitriol against the Jewish people?
True, we didn’t have Predator drones, cell phones, 24/7 News cycle’s etc.
but NO ONE reported these HUGE camps, Whole towns emptied out of Israeli’s,
Train yards FULL of MILLION’S of people being loaded onto the Cattle cars? The SMELLS of BURNING FLESH! Same time is Paris the underground KNEW troop movements, Abductions/Assignations of French Politicians–knew the Nazi’s names and did something about it almost in real time.
Pearl Harbor got us into the fight finally, the .gov HAD NO CHOICE then but our Intel
(OSS) didn’t have any idea what Germany was doing?
Flash Forward TODAY; What does it take to see the EVIL of this administration and ‘Outside forces’ shhhhhhhhhhhh don’t talk about this the ‘STASI’ will show up and No Knock your door serve a warrant w/ Lie charges and shoot you in the head. And they get away with it.
Pudding Lies every time he opens his Yap!
They sent Nixon packing because he spied on the opposition
Today these people are attempting to DESTROY the competition! and Jail him!
And we do nothing.
I GET IT though, I AM doing nothing also
I’m sitting back and watching Rome burn.
Nobody wants to be J6’ed, Waco’ed or Ruby Ridged totally understandable.

but in our silence—what price?
When is our second Pearl Harbor moment?


In America. Formerly the Land of the Free and Home of the Brave.