Best Unarmed Defense Against a Gun Grabber?


I’ve actually seen those Fanny Packs advertised and if you are into them they look like a good option. I actually have a Sidekick Sling Bag that can double as a CCW Carrier. Something similar to the one below.

Can off body carry be done right?

So would you consider a fanny pack, Sidekick Sling Bag or a Ukoala bag like the one below as off body carrying? Would love your feedback here:

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Back when fanny packs were popular for the general public, I wore a DeSantis fanny pack regularly with either my duty weapon or off duty weapon in it. It was great for the gym or summer days when wearing athletic shorts and a t-shirt, but then when most people stopped carrying fanny packs, it started to scream, “CONCEALED WEAPON.”

I still have it and have started to consider using it at the gym again. I wouldn’t consider a fanny pack as off body carry any more than I do my shoulder holster, but that is just my opinion.


The first and most essential thing to do is consider this possibility when choosing your holster

Gun snatches are exceedingly rare and a decent retention holster of any kind will stop most of them flat.

Next consider your environment and risk factors when deciding between open and concealed carry. A properly concealed firearm is not going to be snatched because no one is going to know you have it unless the necessity to use it arises.

Finally you need some hands on training in weapons retention.

Your first objective is to deter if possible anyone from getting a hand on your handgun.

If they are successful in doing so your next objective is to dominate the fight. First and foremost you want to dominate the firearm which in almost all cases requires you getting two hands on it.

You must get control of it if you’ve lost control or prevent the bad guy from gaining control by whatever means necessary. If you can control their wrist and/or thumb you can both deter and dominate the fight for the gun.

You must consider the environment as well. If you’re in a crowded area can you battle for the firearm once the bad guy controls it without risking an AD that could injure or kill an innocent? If not you may have to simply resign yourself to the bad guy getting away with your gun.

It’s hard enough to keep your muzzle pointed in a safe direction during a dynamic critical incident in a crowded area, add the unpredictability and your inability to necessarily be able to control the trigger during the fight.

If you can’t dominate the gun, dominate the hand, wrist, or arm that has control of it. There are many wrestling and martial arts techniques for doing this and I’d suggest finding a competent certified instructor to get at least some basic training.

Best Defense, Active Self Protection, and many other good sources exist online and particularly on youtube but until you have physically practiced these techniques over and over so that they become all but automatic you simply will not be prepared to fight for a gun and luck is not a strategy you want to rely on.

If you are lucky enough to get control of or keep control of the firearm your last step is to dominate and get the attacker under control or barring that to extricate yourself from the encounter completely and dial 911.


There are numerous real advantages to the sling type bags over the fanny pack designs first and foremost ease and speed of draw in any situation or position.