Best self-defense ammo

I have some Remington Gold sabers.


As do I, except in 165 grain and 180 grain 40S&W flavors :+1:

I shot some recently just to be sure they still worked, they do :smiley:


I was impressed by that video to try them.

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The ammo shortage / price increase has played havoc with maintaining a good stock of EDC ammo. Recommend always keeping a “fair” supply of your preferred ammo. 100 - 200 rds its all you need. Practice with the cheaper stuff and off brands. At least till this craziness is over with. Also find what your gun likes, reliability first, accuracy second but still important. Matching up your weapon with good ammo expressly made for serious self defense is an important responsibility of any individual wanting to protect family & self.


I carry 2 weapons ,I carry a 45 Taurus in a shoulder holster and snap up western shirt and a Taurus G2C 9mm in a anchle holster and both have DRT rounds in them,nick name is dead right There or Dynamic Research Technolgies the rounds perform as normal rounds,until they hit liquid,then they explode,they are very good to take down perps as a final solution!


I like 9 mm’s so I Have carried Hornady Critical defense +P’s. I have also used Liberty Ammunition 9 mm Civil Defense as well. Even though it is very light, it shoots softly and accurately.

With semi auto guns it is possible to stage ammo as well, Hollow Points first, ball ammo next, or just have an extra magazine.


I use to run 147gr Federal HST in my 9mm’s after much research and testing, even did a bit of small game hunting with it.

I now run Super Vel 115gr +p copper solid hp in almost all my carry 9mm’s now, very accurate and reliable.