Beginner’s Guide to Best Home-Defense Rifles | USCCA

The handgun is the most common home-defense firearm. The second most common choice is the shotgun. And last but not least is the rifle.

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It is not just the firearm, but the bullet that comes out of it one should concider.


It all comes down to the weapon you are comfortable with using, and training with that weapon for home defense, we all hope and pray that the day will never come when you have to use deadly force, but you need to have a plan and be prepared for it, as for optics, I have to disagree, it takes time to get optics where you need it when in a home defense scenario and there will be times that you won’t have time to aim through optics, you will have to use what is called quick fire, it’s bringing the weapon up to you shoulder and firing without looking through the sights, I may be wrong in making this statement but that’s OK, It’s a technique that I was trained in during weapons training in the military, I don’t need optics to put rounds on target, I use iron sights, I will not nor ever put optics on my pistol or rifle, I’m old school military. But for those that choose to use optics, it’s your decision, go for it.

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@Richard263 At 61 I still shoot my AK out to 300yds. with open sights, My last session I put 8 out of 10 in the kill zone on a K-5 target. :+1:

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Did the same with my M1A scout squad rifle

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When I think of a rifle for home defense I think of using it to keep the BGs away from my house at a distance,
then the shotgun and handgun. :+1: