Be Very Concerned or Propaganda from the main stream press

This leads right into why it’s extra helpful to us gun owners to self assess and just stop leaving guns in cars so much.

In my neighborhood most people don’t lock their car doors and every now and then local social media is full of people claiming their car was “broken into” (IE someone tried the handle and it opened)…list of items stolen consistently include guns, work laptops, phones, wallets, purses…and it’s like…please stop leaving your cars unlocked and stop leaving that stuff in your car overnight!


In my neighborhood (rural Colorado), especially in the winter, people leave their car running in the parking lot of the grocery store, post office, etc if they are just running in for a couple errands.

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I do that, but I can lock the doors from outside of the car, with the engine running.

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I drive a 2009 Jeep so I don’t know about all of the tech available on the new cars. Is there a way to leave the car running but immobile until the owner with the fob get’s in?

On many modern cars you either turn the car off when you get out (and lock it)(call this the old fashion way), or you get out with the keys, close the door, and then remote start the car with the FOB

On a Ford you could use the keykpad to lock the doors (press/hold the two last buttons 7/8 and 9/0) with the FOB inside but that still risks the keys being stolen at the least.

Most cars aren’t Fords so without those Ford-ubiquitous buttons the door it’s probably difficult to lock the keys in the car.

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It would be relatively easy to do. To avoid confrontation with the thief, you could let the car be driven one mile, and then shut the engine down and override the door locks and window controls, and then call the cops. “Thief in a basket!” Knock out gas could be optional.

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I would prefer blister gas, mustard gas or nerve gas. You would have to junk the car but it would be worth it.