Basic Gun Laws: New York | Concealed Carry | USCCA

Carrying a firearm for self-defense comes with a lot of responsibility. Knowing the laws where you carry is just one important task you must undertake as an armed American. To help with that, we will be providing you with a summary of basic carry laws for several states. Learn about the most important things to know when carrying in New York State below.

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Is it not amazing that we need to apply for the right to use that right?

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You should Google NY State S1413. They want to make it mandatory to turn over your social media and web search histories for 1 to 3 years prior to the date you apply for a permit. The bill says if the searcher finds anything they can deny it. Doesn’t really outline what it is looking for.

I have several concerns about this. First leaving it up to a person to decide with no clear rules to follow will be utter chaos. Second, to me it seems like it will start here and then blossom into other areas. Think about professional licenses. Third, their is nothing to stop them from prosecuting people for other things they uncover. I am not worried about criminals and what they may or may not do. What about someone who shows a picture of something they bought on the internet? NY State tax law says you must claim that on your income taxes. I don’t know of anyone being prosecuted for that but they could use it to trigger audits, etc. Since NY had a shortfall in the Billions before the Pandemic, they will be looking for money to make that up anywhere they can find it. Same for people posting things for sale or pictures of things they bought and yard sales.

While the intent may be good the execution will severely impact the average person.

About 10 years ago the NY attorney general was upset that several large life insurance companies were not paying out quick enough to the families of those in the military that died overseas. The AG office regulates all insurance products in the state. Every life insurance policy in the US has an exception for deaths of military members that die on active duty. He was looking to fine them. BTW…all of them were paying out to the military families because they thought it was the right thing to do even though they had no obligation to do so.

I am so glad I no longer live in NY.

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I agree with you about NY. It is a shame that NY is not the only unneeded cess pool?