Badges Update from the Community Manager

Hi everyone -

I know you’ve seen the badges on some people’s profile. We’re working on automating that process, but until that’s all set and double-checked, I’m manually awarding badges as I have time. Thank you for your patience with me on that front!

BTW - Please let me know if you’re Military/Veteran, LEO/First Responder, or a USCCA Instructor and I’ll apply those badges as soon as I can.

Thanks everyone! So glad to have you all here!


Your doing a fantastic job @Dawn!


@Dawn I’m an AFFILIATE FIREARMS INSTRUCTOR with USCCA and a NRA CERTIFIED RANGE SAFETY OFFICER. And if either of these get a BADGE then when you have time I’d like to get mine. Keep up the great work.


I am a veteran from the Canadian Navy if that can be recognized I know allot do not.

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Thank you for your service to your country, @Philip7!

@Reloader54 - at this time I don’t have a USCCA Affiliate Instructor badge - I’ll add it to the list to create. And I don’t have any NRA badges :grin:


Dawn, I am a veteran 1973-77 U.S.Navy Operation Frequent wind


Thank you for your service, @Terry30!