Awareness Color Code

Because of the continuous training with the continuous refreshing of past training I was able to stop an attack yesterday. My wife and I were walking our small dog when a German Shepherd Dog came towards us in a vicious manner. I saw what was happening early enough to be able to stop anything from happening to us by only using a walking cane.
I believe the training of USCCA helped me by being in the code yellow stag all the time.
Thank you USCCA.


Saw that on tigerdroppings😁 , small world


I always stress that Situational Awareness is the most important skill to have. This could not be stressed upon enough. Thanks for sharing your story!


I live in code yellow!

Some might call me paranoid but my argument back would sound alot like this…

Ignorance is NOT bliss!

People walk around in phone world not realizing how close they were to grave danger.


You may even miss that beautiful gal looking at you with passionate eyes! Be Aware of your surroundings!

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