Attorneys on Retainer Insurance

Any comments?On this subject I seen on YouTube he used to be aUSCCA advocate.

Any questions you have in particular?

Mostly people here are knowledgeable on USCCA membership and benefits thereof, not necessarily other random entities


All kinds of comments on here Ad Nauseum, use the search in the upper right corner.
P.S. It’s been completely debunked… :slightly_smiling_face:


I was curious about what I seen and watched,just looking for clarification.

‘Attorneys on Retainer’ is not an insurance. Like all of these ‘self defense retainer type legal services’ its actually an ‘attorney-client fee agreement’ thing. These are different from an insurance. For example, liability is an insurance thing and USCCA insurance covers that, but ‘Attorneys on Retainer’ does not cover liability because they are not an insurance (and they even tell you this on their Faq page in various areas that they are not an insurance and do not cover liability) for example > on their Faq page at > FAQs | Attorneys On Retainer > under the title “Why does AOR not offer civil liability?” they state:

" We are a law firm, not an insurance company. As such, we do not pay civil judgments."

and on their page at > Why Attorneys on Retainer? | Attorneys On Retainer > they state " The Attorneys On Retainer program is not an insurance plan – it is an attorney/client fee agreement.

There are other differences too between these ‘self defense retainer type legal services’ trying to imply in some way they are similar to USCCA or ‘insure’.


Would love to, but need a little more specific question/direction on what to clarify.

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I just seen it and thought it needed to be talked about I didn’t know that it was a heated subject.

I wouldn’t say heated, just, if you want something clarified it would help to be a little more specific on what you would like clarified.

Based on the title I think the only clarification that can be made is there is no insurance aspect to them, but they would be the ones to really ask about that, not USCCA


Apples and oranges. It’s been discussed at length in several threads and their offer falls FAR short of all the benefits of the USCCA membership.


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his name alone sounds like a vampire

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