Atlanta: Machete-wielding neighbor breaks in through homeowner's window

I don’t know if we have all the info on this one yet, but it sounds like this fellow’s neighbor just lost it and broke into his home through the window with crazed intent :hushed:
So far, nobody is reporting a history of trouble with the guy, so it’s not clear why he went off the deep end. It does make the point that just because there’s no history of stuff happening doesn’t mean nothing will happen.

a couple days ago we were wrangling with probability of something happening vs. possibility of something happening over here:
Handguns but no ARs … this looks like a case where the probability was really really low, but its a very good thing the guy was prepared anyway.



God we just got the Door issues fixed and now creeps are going through windows.

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@Robert8 We have security film on my granddaughters house windows… it awesome stuff, makes the windows really hard to break, and she’s not having any trouble installing it herself.
There are a couple different strengths of it, and clear or 1-way mirrored.

@zee Wow Megan very informative, have to get some of this

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