ATF Form 4473 - Parts Unconstitutional

Finally a win not only for the 2A, but on Presumption of Innocence.

I know the plaintiff on this was unsavory, but listen/view the entire video. Larry Flint was unsavory too, but his landmark case(s) are what has preserved the right to free speech for you and I. We don’t live in a perfect society, but law abiding citizens should not be “punished” for the evils of those that are not. I can see this also becoming precedent to start dismantling the Red Flag Laws some would want us under.


Isn’t that pretty common? Many landmark cases were brought by defendants who were already dealing with government agencies. That’s how we got rulings protecting the 4th Amendment, etc.

That’s also why it was such a big deal when the ACLU announced they would no longer support free speech cases if the speech was offensive. The big organization that purported to be the defenders of the Bill of Rights suddenly turned their back on their proud history, and declared that the rights weren’t so important for people we find offensive. But as you said, protecting the rights of unsavory people is what ensures the rest of us can enjoy our own liberties.


Absolutely. The protection of rights benefits everyone.


The loss of rights affects everyone too. Those who are aiding, and happy to see, conservatives be locked out, shut down, and penalized, will in time, suffer from it just as much. History tells that often those people suffer even MORE when their turn comes.


This is another video that goes much more in-depth into the legal aspects of the case. This YTube channel is always very interesting, since it deals with the legal side.