What other Amendment are you worried about?


The Second Amendment has been under fire for a long time. Are you worried about any other Amendments being eroded?


4th and 1st. With our current social climate, things aren’t looking good.


The 1st, 4th, and possibly the 9th.


1, 4, 6, and 8. Look at recent history. ERPO’s are everywhere. Deerfield Illinois, in their attempt at a gun ban, had a penalty fine of 1000 bucks a day for noncompliance. Places like Facebook and YouTube filter out Pro Freedom speech, and call it hate speech. Christian religion is constantly under attack.


All of them. Once you can’t defend them you’ll loose them.


1, 4, 9 and 10. Although the teeth have been pulled from 9 and 10 many years ago. Speaking of the Constitution, Bill of Rights and such. I have to show off a project I did in my den.


@Sheepdog556 - yes, that. exactly.

adding specifics:
1st - freedom of speech gets lots of love… as long as you agree with certain approved opinions.

4th & 5th - seizure of property during an arrest, or in the case of red flag laws, that in practice cannot be reclaimed, regardless of subsequent no-charges-filed or acquittal. Firearms come to mind, but any property confiscated during an arrest very often is never seen again.

6th - that impartial jury thing is reaaaaaly hard to get

9th & 10th - somewhere along the line an enormous number of people have become convinced that rights were granted to us by government, and that all rights not explicitly granted to us belong to the government. this is a very scary thing to me.


Amen! Living outside of Pittsburgh, PA. they passed an illegal bill in the city regarding owning semi-autos. Can’t wait for the 2019 Expo though!


I’m worried about having the conversation about Amendments being eroded away. These SHOULD be off limits. I do like @Sheepdog556 response:


Again like so many others have said, the 1st, the 4th and the 9th. In New Jersey, the 9th because that is what they are doing to the 2nd. They are denying 2nd Amendment Rights to the People by twisting the law to their way of seeing it instead of how it actually is. Also, without our Natural Right to Bear Arms, (Article 4) We don’t feel secure in our houses and I am sure that the Government will try to come in and search for what weapons we possess to see if we are abiding by their corrupt laws. Article 1 is so easy to see, that if we speak out against the Government and their corrupt Anti 2A laws we will then become focus for them to inspect even further.

As I have heard before, This is a Slippery Slope that I don’t want to get caught up in. :frowning_face:

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I’m concerned about all of them. We’re spiraling out of control.


Well, were not… But the one’s trying to eliminate the Constitution are out of control. We just can’t let that happen.


Pleased to see that President Trump is rescinding our participation in the United Nations treaty that President Obama bowed to. Still on the second Amendment thread, but, important to me.


4th Amendment with the implementation of the Red Flag Laws.

14th because it’s become the catchall for the Progressives to cram all their social engineering down our collective throats when legislatures reject their schemes at the ballot box.


EVERYONE of them! If they stop one, especially the 1st Amendment, there will be bigger problems

for all of us.


Without the Second Amendment there is no First Amendment…or the rest of the Bill of Rights for that matter.