ATF "Firearms Expert" Fails At Glock Disassembly


So, most may not like what I’m about to say, but…So what?

Hear me out.

I watched the GOA clip, and, it legitimately looks like the guy knows what he is doing. I have been a Glock owner for nearly 20 years, I very well aware of how to field strip them.

And the method I (and many others) use is exactly what he was doing.

But you know what? It can be difficult to do, especially on the clock, on camera, under pressure. And ESPECIALLY if you have any lube on your hand from previously handling anything else.

Those two little takedown tabs you have to pull are not easy to pull. And if you pull the slide back even a little without BOTH tabs, on both sides, down ALL THE WAY, it resets the striker/trigger and you have to dry fire it again, reset, and start all over again. It can be frustrating.

It’s really not the easiest process and even legitimately experienced and capable guys might fight with one for 15 seconds.

Keep that in mind, the whole clip is only 15 seconds long.

yeah, sure, sometimes I do it in 1.75 seconds start to finish and I look like a boss. Sometimes, if anyone was watching, I’d look like a noob even though I’ve done it 5,000 times. Is what it is.


I’m not above roasting the ATF or anybody else as appropriate, but, objectively, throwing out any kind of anti ATF bias…the dude knew what he was doing.

IMO, anybody who also knows what they are doing, who is also experienced field stripping Glocks, who watches that video objectively, will immediately recognize that he knows what he is doing

It’s just, a little tricky or slippery sometimes.

Like, do you know how to assemble an AR15 style lower with a stripped lower and an LPK? So do I. Does that mean I can guarantee I won’t launch the front detent pin into orbit and lose it forever while doing so? Nope.


I agree. And with other firearms too. But it could not have happened to a nicer guy.


He was actually pretty good with taking the slide off from the other Glock.
I wouldn’t blame him to be failing at Glock’s Disassembly… I’d say it was one of the moments when your firearm is failing… not you.


That’s why I put the extended release on my 19


that’s why I don’t touch Glocks… I don’t want people calling me “expert failing Glock disassembly” :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


If Staccato had a barrel bushing you would be embarrassed . :rofl:


I’ve never been embarrassed… :upside_down_face:

A 2024-03-05 19-49-18

:face_with_hand_over_mouth: :face_with_peeking_eye: :grimacing: :exploding_head: :scream:


I am 72years old and can field strip my Glock 48 while wearing gloves for cleaning or not wearing gloves. My hands are not what they used to be, particularly my left after carpal tunnel and dupuytrens surgeries. I do agree it is more difficult to field strip my Glock than my Hellcat Pro or my old Sig 365xl. Sometimes, I do have to try a few times to get both release levers down so the slide will move properly before I pull the trigger. Regardless, an “expert” should not have too much of a problem.


Maybe he has a problem performing under pressure? :thinking:


Camera operator was wearing Confederate T-Shirt… no wonder he was under pressure… :grimacing:


Except the fire arm remained in one piece even though he was attempting to disassemble it. Thus not really knowing what he was doing…

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I disagree.

Just because you know what you are doing, that does not necessarily guarantee success every single time.

When completing the task requires knowledge of what you are doing plus a physical performance element, it isn’t guaranteed.

Also…nobody is perfect.

Do you know how to field strip a Glock pistol? When you watch the video, do you recognize that he is doing it exactly how pretty much everybody does it/teaches to do it? Anybody who doesn’t know glocks, please go YouTube search up how to field strip a glock and watch the years old videos with tens of thousands or hundreds of thousands of views and compare the instructed method with the video above, you’ll see it’s the exact same thing)

[and as an aside, speaking generally to this topic…I think it reduces ‘our’ credibility when we act like what is seen in the video proves someone doesn’t know what they are doing…people who know…know we are full of it right now and are less likely to believe us when, say, an expert claims a pistol brace turns a firearm full auto and we say no it doesn’t…they might remember us trying to make a big deal out of this and be like, eh, those 2A guys just say the expert doesn’t know anything no matter what]


Hey, it happens to all of us. Not that I would know, personally. Yep mhmm. :rofl::joy:


It is so easy to criticize others not seeing own failures… isn’t it? :wink:

I wonder what would be the reaction when this “failure” was done by … I don’t know… let’s say Colin Noir. :zipper_mouth_face:


I definitely have to agree. He clearly did know what he was doing. It can be a bit tricky at times, even though I do not own a Glock, I have cleaned a few at least a few times, and my Beretta .45ACP has a similar take down. As @Nathan57 stated, he was also on camera and may have had a bit of stress from that, too. He was also safely handing the firearm.

I strongly disagreed with their narrative, though, about their wanting all frames to have serial numbers. I would love to hear their rational argument - there is none - for requiring serial numbers.


So again we give an incompetent Federal Government Official the benefit of the doubt. And you wonder how we got to this point? :thinking:

I have several different firearms with different takedown procedures. It is not uncommon for me to flub up a bit from time to time until I remember I need to do things a little differently. Guess that makes me incompetent.

It is completely irrelevant whether or not an ATF bureaucrat can easily field strip a Glock. The real issue is that none of them seem to have any competency when it comes to understanding of the constitution or care for the rights of the people. Just as troubling is that they seem more concerned about violating as many rights for as many law abiding people as possible than about actually going after the real dangerous criminals. These areas are where the ATF reveals its true incompetency every day.


As enjoyable as it was to watch fumble-fingers, I was more amused to see the dark haired guy point out the 2 AR types on the left forward end of the table (one appeared to be Cerokote, the other black). He described both as being designed to be fired from the shoulder, one being a Short Barreled Rifle and the other as “having a Pistol brace”. I may be wrong, but it seemed obvious to me that both of them were AR type pistols equipped with braces. “Experts” indeed …

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