AT. The. RANGE. .make. Sure. About the. Rite. Tipe of ammunition

I went to the range and my ammunition. Was . Not APROVED MAKE SURE YOU BUY TRAINING. Ammunition. .:bangbang:Not all ammunition is APROVED BY. Some Ranges :bangbang:

What was wrong with your ammo?

Green Tip (SS109/M855) 5.56 type? API x39?


I’ve had the Green Tip Problem before, they say it damages the backstops.



Some also don’t allow projectiles with steel in the projectile.

A lot of steel case ammo also has a steel jacket case (may be copper washed, but steel beneath) that is not allowed due to either/or extra wear and tear from the steel / fire hazard from sparks when steel hits backstop


I had my brother reload. It and all my OUTHER ammunition I have for self defense and it’s much more money than target ammunition !! And I . Did not know reloads are not allowed at the range. I do now . So any one with reloads . Some Range’s will not let you practice with it . I should have known that . I will Never for get . I a going to order some more just for target practice . Thanks Bobby Jean :owl::feather::feather::us::chile::100::bangbang:

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Odd rule. If I am understanding correctly.

Reloads (no offense to reloaders, but this seems 99% true IME) are less reliable than factory ammo (maybe excepting Winchester, their handgun ammo fails all the time seemingly) and over/double charges can destroy a gun so it’s common for nobody to allow reloads shot in their guns (like loaners or rentals)…many classes also do not allow reloads because the reloaded ammo too-often causes jams and problems that slow the class down as the reloader swears these malfunctions never happen…

but just a general rule that you can’t shoot reloads in your own gun at the range I’ve never heard of.

Were you shooting the range’s guns?


No my own they said they were too hot and could damage the range back stop. So I just took the ammunition to another reloaded to take some apart and see what the guy . Did I never used him . So I AM never buying ammunition from a gun show anymore ! But my friend is going to still keep the brass and check out what . And how it was reloaded :question::question:

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That’s a good plan.

“Gun show reloads” are…a bad idea. Generally speaking.

Reloading is great and has a lot to offer, BUT, JMHO…reloads are best when shot by the person who reloaded them, in that person’s own gun.

Possible exception for someone you know and know of their quality of product


Nathan 57 I found out. That if you have all Lead. Ammunition. You can not use them at the range . And I got a deal.! On some and OUTHER then going to private property !! They are. Not a Good deal. All Lead rounds are just not .acceptable. . Times are changing . And if you handle it . It can cause health problems so they said . I felt like . Not such A Grate Deal . !!! They are making ammunition .!!! Out for some very kool things and some are not even metal ??? Bobby Jean thatnk you. For the advice . :owl::feather::feather::us::chile::100:

Johnnyq60 Sir thanks for all the prayers SIR. Debbie ann. Getting a c.t Pat scan again Friday morning. Please remember we Love You prayer Warriors. And we are praying for you and yours . Love Debbie ann Bobby Jean :latin_cross::owl::feather::feather::us::chile::100::100::100::heart:SIR. Amen!!