Arex delta 2

I’m thinking about getting a Delta 2 but I don’t know if anybody else had one or has one or a shot one cuz I’m starting to kind of like it for my 9 mm


I’d never seen one of these before. All the reviews seem pretty recent. I usually avoid recently released firearms until they get a chance to work all the bugs out. Especially from companies I am not familiar with.

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I have never seen one before. Know nothing about it except after searching and seeing pictures it is not a pretty gun. Looks really blocky. Seems like it would be difficult to carry, too many snag points. Just my opinion, again, all I know is what I have seen in images.


I have only seen the testing of the Arex Rex, pretty tough pistol.


It looks cool, I saw a round get caught on the loaded chamber indicator in a TFB test video though. Little things like that make me kind of hesitant. I do prefer bare bones simple with my handguns now.


True yeah I normally would do the same thing too it’s just I’m watching a bunch of guys on YouTube do like a thousand round test and three to four things out of 1000 rounds isn’t too bad the main problem it has is that it gets stuck

True problem is I have ogre hands so I need a big gun

3 or 4 issues out of a thousand isn’t too bad but for something my life depends on, I prefer pistols that come with the expectation of 0 failures in 1000. Glock, S&W, Sig etc have several large frame options that qualify.

Definitely want the issues that do occur to be fixable with a simple tap rack. Since this seems like a relatively new design they may get the kinks worked out eventually but I wouldn’t want to be a beta tester if my life depended on it. If it is primarily for fun at the range then I’d say go for it if you really like it and the budget allows!