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Pocket carry, anyone?

@RocketPak mentioned he pocket carries a SR9C.
That’s my IWB piece for the last six years and I couldn’t imagine pulling it off.
However, with a Shield added to my CCW permit (I love California! :roll_eyes: ) when I renewed last week, I’ve been pocket-carrying it and it’s a lot more comfortable but not as easier to draw.

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The SR9C is my EDC as well and there is no way I’d ever carry that in a pocket.

We’ll I take that back, here on the ranch if I’d had a call for a “Snake, dad!” I’ve gone to grab it and back pocket it until I get to the scene of the DCI. :slight_smile:

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What is the difference between Responsibly Armed Americans and jerks with guns?

Sorry, couldn’t help myself. :innocent: