AOC wants to cancel those who worked for Trump. Good luck with that, they say

Interesting how Trump was called a fascist for almost 4 years. Now they want to punish people with different views… I am thinking they don’t understand what fascist means. :roll_eyes:


My phone is warning me of malware on that site. Be careful following that link.

This just isn’t fun anymore! It’s over, unless someone has a good idea!
We missed every opportunity during the past three years! They wanted to change America, they are winning, I have NO more confidence in our system. It’s done!
I guess we get to “eat cake”
Propaganda very strong tool when wielded by a biased media! This is as hairy as it gets!

Did you click on anything while you were there?

It’s gonna get hairier than a gorilla at a bald eagle reunion. Don’t forget to stock up on CLR.

Nope. Curious what malware it is and where it is from.

I’ll see your hat with my hat, and raise you a Trump bar glassware set and a 5x3 Trump flag

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AOC, in her infinite wisdom, asked if anyone is watching for people deleting tweets.
Yes, LOL.