Anyone available willing to help a reloader in Chesterfield SC?

I sold some bullets and brass to a retired Army Vet a few months ago and he has been emailing me with questions on dies, equipment, etc. ever since. I answer his questions as thoroughly as I can and provide additional information on options like priming and loading powder on/off the press. I’m just worried that emails may not be enough and he might get into trouble. I really believe he can benefit from a face to face discussion on what he needs.

He seems to have reloaded before because he has some equipment (scoops, scale, calipers, etc.) and components. He recently purchased a Lee Breech Lock Challenger press and looking for all the dies, etc. that he will need. At minimum he is looking at reloading 9mm and 223/556.

Let me know if anyone is close to that area and willing to help. I will then ask him if he is open to meeting with a fellow reloader.

Appreciate it!

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A long-lost friend of mine always praised Lee for having the best-value gear for the money. I was impressed too with Redding - use a manual scale as a backup/double-check with a digital scale - and glom onto several manuals. Look for reviews on gear, and shop, shop, shop! Buy gear and accessories that work for YOU, not the maker.


@PDA3 A step by step guide for reloading can be found in a good reloading book.
I like Lyman because it also has cast bullet reloading data & more. As far as components go there are customer reviews given with most products. As far getting your self out of the loop, you have 2 choices. 1.) there are on line chat rooms for any related firearm questions he could join. 2.) get him to join USCCA and people in our community could answer any questions he has. For now careful you don’t give him any wrong information.



@Blacky I have limited my responses to general info on equipment and stayed away from anything related to actual loading. I have sent him links to books, bullet manufacturer sites, powder manufacturer sites, and reloading groups for recipes, bullet seating depths, etc.


@PDA3. 10-4 got it.>>>>

The best thing for him to do is to start doing his own research. You did well to not give specific advice. There are countless step by step, point by point reloading tutorials for general and specific type reloading equipment.
BTW I’m in the upstate SC but used to teach in McBee. McBee is in Chesterfield county.

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