Any cross-eye dominant people in the Community?

When my hubby flipped his Bronco and detached the retina in his right eye - losing virtually all sight there - he had to go to left eye shooting. It’s taken about 20 years, but he’s got most of his right eye vision back, just not the very center fovial field - the part that you read with and use for binocular vision to judge distances with. He may get that back eventually, but in the mean time, he’s still shooting cross-dominant. He does the turn-the-head thing for handguns, and mounts some of his rifle scopes offset to the left so he can shoot right shoulder.


Growing up I was taught that cross eye dominant is poor training and the wrong way to do it. Most new shooters I take to the range try and shoot that way and are always off target. They try and compensate by adjusting their sight picture with where they are grouping. But, I say, “hey, learn how to hit your target and know your weapons.” If you can group by adjusting and hit your target, that is what matters.

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Really? That’s terrible! It has nothing to do with poor training. There are a number of great videos on how to shoot when you’re cross eye dominant.


I’ve overcome cross eyed dominance by going both eyes open.


I believe it’s simply a matter of learning how you like to shoot. I was taught it was wrong, and to overcome it… like it was some kind of rule breaker… I did overcome it… but I have seen new shooters that are CED having trouble on accuracy.
More time at the range… oh darn :wink:


Here’s one for you. I have had cataract surgery of BOTH of my eyes, but many years apart (~25). Your eyes do NOT change focus after having an artificial lens implanted. I CANNOT focus clearly on the front sight with my glasses on or off. I could if I used readers, but frankly, I prefer to train as carry, and I certainly don’t wear my readers everywhere.

Fortunately, there is a difference between your crystal clear lens focus, and what you are looking at. I look at my front sight and it is good enough to get a sight picture with, but the target will still be in clear lens focus no matter what I do.

Just wondering how other folks in this situation handle the challenge.

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@Fish I was trying to figure out how to train with my readers, or if I should get specialty glasses made or… or…
I can sort of focus the rear sites with my readers, I mostly can’t get a clear focus on the front site with the readers. I can focus target pretty well until it gets over 20 yards. If I squint I can get either the rear or the front sight to focus, but my re-focus time to the target can take more than several seconds. It just wasn’t working and it was making a mess of my shooting. A couple months ago I switched to just shooting no glasses, with pretty much a point shooting style - target in focus, all sights not focused, but in my awareness. that’s worked REALLY well, I think… my accuracy is back on track.

Red dot really helps… no focus issues when using that.

I’ve lost my strong-eye dominance and now get toggling back and forth from one eye to the other, sometimes several times in the same second. I close the left, or slow-blink the left until my right eye grabs hold. With the red-dot I don’t toggle back and forth, even if the red-dot is off… I think because the housing of the optics serves as an open ring to sight through even when the dot isn’t there.

hope that gives you some ideas.

Right handed left eye dominant here. I’ve used the modified weaver and head tilt in the past but find it much easier these days to use an isocilies stance and move the firearm to my left eye when I’m shooting for marksmanship.