Another Red Flag Incident Gone Bad

I find it frightening that a right enumerated in the Constitution can be taken away randomly, without due process.


Our Founders suffered “…under a long string of abuses…” before finally believing that a revolution was inevitable and necessary. Today, Americans are afraid of suffering. They may give an impression of belief in the Law of the Lord and Law of the Land but the fear of suffering is just too much to bear to actually ever take action. Our Masters know this well and have taught us well to be comfortable in this “soft tyranny”. But even as we watch the soft gloves are coming off the Demon Master and the flames grow hotter and the water begins to boil and still the frogs don’t hop.


@Paul1 that seems like an entirely legitimate fear. I agree, me too.


Caveman Tactics: it’s worse in states that have universal background checks, we know the ATF has been converting paper to digital giving a leg up to who owns what where. If u don’t have that Firearm in ur posession u can be charged with a crime. If you cannot produce the Firearm or the legal transfer or sale thru the ffl dealer. Absolutely disgusting how they are going around the U.S. Constitution via the individual States. The mag capacity LIMITS, AMMO LIMITS my God Man it’s out of Control.
Delta Defense has to come with awnsers we are counting on the LEADERSHIP. We aren’t talking about the Reps, yet the upper Echelon.


My sincere hope is that Tim will take what he has built here and use it to expand it to a more national level. I trust his integrity and his people more than I trust the NRA. Hopefully, @Dawn will show this. There are a lot of scared gun owners out there.

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It is unlawful for the ATF or any other agency to create a searchable database tying firearms to owners or a “defacto registration scheme”.

They attempted to do so by archiving background check information early on during the Obama administration and got slammed hard for it by the supreme court.

They cannot hold those records legally for more than 90 days.


Red Flag Laws are absolutely going to cause more events like these. Attempting to take guns away from someone who is unstable certainly increases the risk for someone getting hurt or killed. Might be the police who are following orders. Might be family members who filed the papers or happen to be standing nearby when seizure begins. Might be the unstable individual. Constitutionality aside, while some may argue that Red Flag Laws will save lives (and they may), Red Flag Laws will also result in loss of life (as this incident did and others will). Loss of life caused by unconstitutional law is a double tragedy. Red Flag Law needs to be taken to the Supreme Court (if it even can).