Another does the 2A apply to Militias or the People thread

I just know we desperately need to Make America Great Again!


Most of the people I work with have Doc or Masters degrees. I’m actually one of the very few in my field without a higher degree so I guess you can call me uneducated.

Most of my coworkers are pretty smart and most of them know that if they want to win an argument they need to debate the position instead of personally attacking the person stating the position. You can waste time calling us all names or you could share with us the reasons why your personal expertise on the intent of the founding fathers is so much better informed than ours?


Who come you call yourself “educated” if you cannot answer simple question?
Did your education end here? :point_down:


BTW… Elementary School teaches that you don’t answer any question with another question… :person_facepalming:

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I am sorry I misunderstood I thought you were saying Heller meant that the 2A applies only to militia.

Judging people whom you do not know.
Attacking people for what they believe without relaying FACTS to fall back on.
I like the fact that Biden brought back jobs to the states from overseas.
Hamburger is $4,00 a pound and that is up from$1.89 a pound.
I live in Washington State so, I do not know what you are talking about moving back into the U.S.
Yes, Trump is a moron and like I said, which one do you prefer, dumb or dumber?


Who do I want for President? Someone better!


You would think that would be pretty easy to find but I keep getting stuck in the election booth every 4 years wondering why I don’t have someone better to put my checkmark next to:(


Biden created over 2 million new high paying jobs by bringing in new overseas companies and through his infrastructure act. Trump got rid of Obama’s pandemic response team, and rolled back railroad safety regulations that would have prevented the accident in Ohio. Obama left trump a booming economy and in four short years, trump screwed that up too. Now it’s taking Biden to fix another republican nightmare…

Lol, you are a funny guy!! Keep telling yourself that…:stuck_out_tongue::roll_eyes::stuck_out_tongue::roll_eyes::stuck_out_tongue::roll_eyes::stuck_out_tongue:


No, that would be your education level, boy! Trump loves his uneducated cult. Know why? Because he loves to be surrounded by people as stupid as he is.

Sharp as a marble.

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Here’s another one of your Harvard idols!! Dandy

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LOL, I am a chef, and it is what I do. You have so much anger. Throwing insults only makes you look like a dumbass liar. I have no reason to lie. A case of chicken wings used to cost 60.00 and now it is 140.00 a case.
Rib roast used to be 6.70 a pound and now it is 9.20 a pound. I used to get Beef tenderloin for 14.00 a pound and now it is 22.00 a pound and all of this is from 2019 to now not 1974.


And who do you suppose was president in 2019?

:rofl: I thought you were leaving the community?!?
Bye bye


I tried. I guess the moderators will just have to kick me off.

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That’s “too” mr. Educated man

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The price of food has to do with the covid epidemic not the president. The price of fuel is not due to the president it is war. I just am not a Minion that believes that everything a person does is so good. Joe is a politician like the rest of all the politicians. He has his good points but to which points balance out the other points. $hit, between Donald and Joe is not there a better choice for people to be able to make?


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