Anatomy of a Bear Skull


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Reminds me of this story….


Reminds me of a story out of Alaska a few years ago, a guy was hiking in Denali and carrying a 45 when he heard screaming, he ran up and saw a brown bear attacking a woman he shot 14 times before he killed it. Why when I moved to Montana, before I always carried a 44 ,I said hmmm these critters are a lot bigger here so I bought a 454.


Very good information about shot placement on the skull. If you can as the gentlemen pointed out you can get the bear to cooperate :slightly_smiling_face: when at close range.


Thank for posting that @BRUCE26 , that was very informative and valuable information.


Good info. Those are very small targets to hit on a rapidly charging and bouncing threat. One reason why bear spray is a solid first choice. It makes a very large cloud that is easy to get in the bears face. If the wind is cooperating.

Another reason for bear spray is that bears often bluff charge when threatened. Can’t remember the exact statistic but pretty sure most charges are bluff charges. But if you shoot and injure a bluff charging bear they become more likely to turn that bluff charge into a real charge if you don’t hit one of those very small targets perfectly enough to put the bear down.

Black bear skulls are significantly thinner than brown bear skulls. Though just like other animal skulls if you hit them at too shallow of an angle the bullet can still deflect.


Charging bear, bluffing, precision and Brooklyn boy, have never been used in the same sentence until now. Hope to never have to use that sentence again. Unless all hell breaks loose and I have to escape civilization, aim small miss small and a ton of bear spray!


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Norway has apparently discovered that Bear Spray is Tabasco/ Hot sauce for bears. M-M-M good.


True enough, the active ingredient is capsaicin, which is the hot stuff in peppers! (Why they call it pepper spray :wink:)

That’s the new ticktock challenge, Tabasco eye drops!:roll_eyes::hot_pepper::flushed::exploding_head:


That would definitely not be appreciated. I have eaten a ghost pepper on a challenge, but I can’t imagine putting it in my eye. Tabasco, I believe would be worse as it is acidic and salty, the heat of the mild pepper I would believe would be the least of the issue.


You have to be careful with statistics. They can be manipulated both ways.

I don’t have time to go through all the data now but I went through a bunch of it about 2 decades ago. Neither bear spray nor firearms are 100% effective at stopping bears. I wouldn’t count on just being able to point either in the general direction of a bear and pulling the trigger as a guarantee of success.

Plus there are the cases of misuse. There used to be some stories floating around of people thinking bear spray was bear repellent and spraying it around their camps or on themselves! Bears will be attracted to the smell of the spray if it is on the ground or on a person.


Seasoning? :sunglasses:

The articles in AmmoLand do state that. He also explains how he does the calculations. He only counts cases where the firearm or spray was actually used, not just having with you.


But he also doesn’t count cases where tools other than a handgun were also used. So if someone empties their handgun and the bear keeps coming so they have to resort to a knife, or someone else has to step in with a long gun it was not counted in the handgun failures.

Again I haven’t had time to go through all the data. I did give a quick read of a different article that appears to have reviewed the same data. A couple of Interesting takeaways from it:

-About half of the successful handgun deterrences were warning shots that scared the bears away. So firecrackers or other noise makers likely would have done the job just as effectively in those cases.

-The percentage of people who ended up injured when defending themselves from bears with handguns vs bear spray was the same.

Another advantage to bear spray is that in general it should be legal to use it against nuisance bears to try and chase them away before they become a threat. In most places you can’t legally shoot a bear for going through your trash or picnic food.

I’m not saying that having a handgun is a bad idea in bear country. Especially if it is loaded with deep penetrating hard cast bullets for brown bears and mid to large size black bears. Just saying that I would not feel anywhere near 98% confident that a handgun will stop a bear that is intent on attacking me as apposed to just bluff charging me. Ideally I would want someone with some bear spray backed up by someone with a high powered rifle or shotgun with deep penetrating slugs.

I would also be watching the bears behavior very closely since odds are incredibly good in most circumstance that I would not need to use either. I have worked in brown bear country for an entire field season without incident. I have also worked and lived in black bear country for many seasons with many close encounters with bears. Didn’t have a firearm for most of that period and never needed to use my bear spray. I did have to throw rocks and do my own bluff charges on a couple of occasions against problem bears that had been habituated to human contact. But the vast majority of the time I was able to convince the bears I was no threat to them and we all peacefully went our separate ways.


:bear: Let’s play… “What would you do?” :thinking:

Scary Bear Attacks Youtube Channel

I looked up a dozen or so of the attacks listed in the vids by date, location and # of people
and in all cases the story was corroborated by local news stories.


He stated that he does not include those in handgun defense.


As of yet, I have never seen a wild bear.

And while I had a mountain lion kill a deer just a couple yards from my camp, I never actually saw the cat.

Spray vs firearm as a deterrent?….

Well, I’ll take whatever is in my hand at that moment!

Probably gonna die anyway, so a good beating stick is just as effective as anything else.:+1::skull:


And it was you @BRUCE26 that posted this gem:

“a five-foot-nothing woman who lived on the land squeezed the trigger on her single-shot rabbit gun and put a .22 rimfire round through the eye of a grizzly bear at close distance. The bear dropped dead, but because Twin knew what she was up against––put seven more rounds into the bear skull––seven insurance shots.”