Ammunition Purchasing

Where are some of the places anyone is locating ammunition to purchase? It is getting so hard to find it online or at retailers, Does anyone have any good sites that seem to be staying in stock at all?

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Search. There are already a ton of threads on this.


Ok, I will take a look. Thanks Brad

These 2 threads, that I remember… like @Brad mentioned, you will find more…

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I found some at Advanced tactical from Pahrump Nevada. 100rd boxes. Also Freedom Ammunition in Lewiston Idaho has 9mm 115, and 124 grain. Good luck.

It sure is silly that this is how we find out what is available. lol

As mentioned, use the search tool for “ammo” and theres a bunch of threads with links. Bookmark all of them and check frequently. The short answer is

I personally will post in this thread (just go straight to the most recent) if I see a particularly good deal and a few others have done similar

You can use wikkiammo to. It pulls from a bunch of other places like Cabelas, cheaper than dirt, etc.

Key to finding ammo is persistence. Check frequently and at different times of the day.

Go to a local store and ask when they normally get their shipments in. Make sure you are there as close to when stocking shelves as possible. Go to a range and ask if they have ammo you can use on the range. If they do pay for the range time buy the ammo and treat yourself to a few shots anx sace the rest.

There is always ammo to be had on A lot of it is on auction. I recently got 500 rounds of Federal .45 ACP for $315. Seems recently the going rate is 1 dollar per round. Don’t bid on something unless you intend to buy. They don’t like it if you win the auction and then decide you made a mistake.

Passed up on some boxes of 9mm/556/223/7.62x39 today, said I was going to wait for cases to come in.

I keep hearing about Cabela’s (30 miles from me) getting ammo in a local Facebook group. Unfortunately, but the time I see it 10 minutes after it’s posted, the ammo’s already gone. :cry:

1 Like is still a good choice.


Agreed. SG Ammo seems to have more in-stock than many others. They also have been cheaper than others for the same ammo. I like Lucky Gunner as well.

Plus they’re honest and they tell you how much you can add without adding more S&H. :slight_smile:

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Some good news in the future of ammunition supply and WI. jobs. :+1:


Thanks for the tip!

Ive been seeing advertisements for cheaper than dirt and ammo depot. quantities are limited but you’re going to pay a buck a shot, $3.00 for buckshot and 12 gage slugs.