Ammo in a house fire?

Once they want you to evacuate, I would treat it like I won’t have a house when I come back. Where I live we have been about a mile outside of evac more than once. Im soo done with these fires.

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Absolutely true.

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Far greater potential for harm from any high pressure gas container than from cooking off ammo.

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And no one has LP gas tanks for their BBQ? right?
Reminds me, at the beginning of the year I had 20 oxygen tanks at various sizes and stages of discharge in the house for someone who needed to use them when traveling or the in-home concentrator failed…

LoL flammable liquids anyone? … perfume library? 1/2 or 5/8th’s or larger natural gas lines to kitchen, fireplace?

off topic? not on our lives :slight_smile:

Been there, done that. Couple hundred rounds of .22LR in a dresser by the back door. Fortunately the fire didn’t get hot enough in that area to cook it. Lost the rest of the house for all practical purposes.

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Not an ideal scenario… I hope that never happens. But, and this is a true story, my uncle’s neighbor’s car caught fire & he had a handgun with extra magazines in the car at the time. He said it was crazy. (Pew pew pew for a few seconds) :worried:

Propane tanks come with a high pressure blow off valve to keep them from exploding due to over pressure.

Solid point though, they definitely do pose a risk to FF’s.