Ammo question

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If it’s a legitimate self defense shooting it can have my fingerprints, address, and a picture of me.

I think it would be far more problematic to have a SD shooting and not have your fingerprints on your ammo. I know if I was a DA that would be a question I would ask.



If I was that worried about it, I’d only carry revolvers. If you are involved in a defensive shooting, running from the scene would be one of the worst things you could do. It doesn’t help your case in saying it was self defense. There would be other evidence at the scene, that would be more incriminating than fingerprints on shell casing.


No, not me :slight_smile:


Maybe loading with gloves keeps body oils off that can discolor the bullet and/or case. Nine out of ten people claim they prefer shiny bullets coming their way because it gives them a better chance of dodging them :grin:

Sorry, I couldn’t resist…


I’m about to give an annoying answer, and I’m sorry. BUT you (not just you but every gun owner) are responsible for every round that leaves your firearm regardless of finger prints. Lock those guns up when not carrying or in full control of the fire arm. If a bad person gets a hold of your gun report your serial number to the police as soon as you can.

Someone committing a crime with your gun is a good concern though! My solution is just what I said above. I really have to keep carry simple and easy. If I felt like I had to load a gun with gloves, I’d never carry, I’d avoid dry fire exercise, and I would avoid/ put off maintenance.


regular rubber gloves still leave fingerprints. I looked this up years ago, after watching a show about forensics and wanting to know more. A simple Google search should yield some results.


From elsewhere on the internet:

“… when they go to the range and fire off some rounds, some bozo doesn’t grab the spent casing and use it to reload, and then commits a murder with that reloaded bullet. Thus, the fingerprint of the original user is what the CSI finds.”

Ok, I’m just digging my own hole now… It would’ve gone over better on Survivalist or Reddit. I’ll delete this thread later today.


No need to delete it, @Glock27ccw. It’s a very interesting discussion. I haven’t thought about taking precautions about fingerprints on my casings. I don’t plan on shooting unless I’m in imminent danger of death or grave bodily harm.

As far as reloading - serious question - don’t you have to clean the brass before you reload it? :thinking:


Dawn, it was mostly hypothetical, in case the covid19 apocalypse went totally off the rails… I don’t think it will, but just in case. I made the comment about that initially, but that part seems to have been casually overlooked by some of USCCA’s (rightfully so) law abiding carriers here.

There is a case to be made for a DA raising issue with why your prints are NOT on your shells, and it’s worth considering, but only in a civil society. Where, thankfully we are still.

I’m no criminal, and don’t intend to be, or I wouldn’t be here in this forum. I’m just putting thoughts out there for consideration.

Thanks for your temperance, as always.

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On the casings I do not do anything. But the actual bullet? I always disinfect them with Lysol first and then a light coating of Polysporin. One could argue that Neosporin is a suitable replacement, however it contains neomycin… and that can cause drowsiness, mood changes, and sometimes weight gain.


Thank you. I did not think of that. Food for thought. New territory and unique scenarios a possibility in the event of larger mass crisis. I would want to be safe, do the right thing, call 911, USCCA, but also not be blamed if someone else was responsible. I might go with a light but form fitting glove when loading from now on. Positive story: I work in health care, today, a food truck dropped off free sandwiches for us. I’m grateful, it is not easy for us to eat right when at work, especially amidst Cova 19. Here’s a link to some affordable gloves, which I will try when loading (I have a set and even for men, these gloves look fine and do not even look like they are only for women, for their use, they do the job):

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When I read your post didn’t even think of reloaded shells. That’s really interesting :thinking:!

Interesting. As non-criminals, we would typically not care about prints, anyway, but I guess it is good to know, if any non-LE decide to become such.

What about your guns fingerprint… aka rifling?

Wow, you have read into my post far more than I intended. I have no insecurities, nor was I projecting any onto you. I did not intend for it to be viewed as a personal attack; it was not.

It is just a subject that I would never have even begun to consider until this thread and your comment. My comment was only to show that your comment about the gloves is accurate and something that I would never have even thought about. I did as you suggested, a quick Internet search, and posted what I found.

I do not understand several parts of your post, such as “you’re on[e] of those that sees all Americans as hostiles (sic)”, “our experience is falsifiable” and “a majority of Americans which are more like you and that makes you a sociopath.”

It would be good if more Americans (by which, I assume, you mean citizens of the USA) held similar values. I believe, for the most part, those of us here do believe in our rights as protected by our constitution, and have good moral and ethical values. I apologize if you viewed my post as an affront or an attack , it was only meant to be an affirmation of your comment.


No no, my bad. I apologize for inferring my bs on your post. 2020 is getting to all of us and I mistakenly took it out on you. I hope we can move forward from this.


I only saw part of this conversation and I have an idea of what was said.

2020 continues to get more stressful and it is getting to a lot of people (me included to a certain extent). I applaud your ability to take a step back and adjust your view after a heated conversation.


The conversation was not heated. Kage misinterpreted what I stated. I clarified it, and he understood. We are good. He seems to be a good person based on this and other posts of his.


Clean brass causes less wear on your reloading dies. Exactly how clean is up for debate.

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