Amid record-high gun sales, chaos of 2020 converted many anti-gun Americans into gun owners


No surprise here. To a lot of people, a gun is like a monkey wrench. It is stored and useless unless a pipe bursts. Then it’s good to have it. Unlike monkey wrenches, operating a firearm requires some degree of commitment regarding training in how it operates, how to use it safely, etc, etc. Hopefully, first time buyers will realize this and make that commitment.

It is great to see that there are so many new gun owners. Hopefully, they will seek out the proper education and training on how to effectively and safely handle and operate those firearms.


Don’t dis the plumbers. Mis-using a “monkey wrench” (I think you mean a pipe wrench) due to poor understanding/lack of training, can lead to all sorts of disasters as well. :wink:

Mea Culpa. My buddy’s a plumber and it IS a pipe wrench. I was using the name my father called it in pre-politically correct times. Obviously, I was using the “outdated cultural depiction” like the warning they are putting on “Bonanza” on TvLand channel now.

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Thanks, RocketPak.