Ultra Slash Resistant T-Shirt | Level 5 Protection (X-Large):

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Interesting but make note, it is “slash resistant” not “stab resistant”.

At 130.00 a pop I’d have a hard time justifying the purchase with such limited protection.

Now if we lived in a country where knife crime was common it might be worth it but even i LE/Corrections situations you’re more likely to be stabbed than slashed.


The Amazon supplier for this particular product is actually financially backed by “The Juice”. They also sell extra capacity fuel tanks for Ford Broncos and pre-shrunk leather gloves. I read it on the internet… it MUST be true.


I agree with @WildRose. It may be a some kind of protection, but I would say 99% of knife wounds come from stubbing not slashing. (ok, except kitchen :wink:).
However it’s interesting product…
And I’m little disappointed with description like this:
"cut protection rating - 5X more slash-resistant than Kevlar" -> wrong comparison, just marketing trick

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Methinks I smell snake oil…:smirk:

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