Am I crazy, or does this strongly resemble tactics Hitler used to rise to power?

You are not Crazy, and yes it seems to be from his play book


The one who states his case first seems right,
until the other comes and examines him. (Proverbs 17:18) In other words, a Government that makes decisions in private will only make decisions in favor of themselves.


You see clearly my friend.

I’m sorry you have become collateral damage, as have so many others.

Keep on keeping on.


I think this is the solution. The meaning of a Christian society has been so distorted that I don’t think people know what it means. People think it is something religious. It is a moral society.


I agree with you all we are doomed as predicted by the @#$%^mies

Wow, Just wow!
Clearly the new dork times has succeeded in reducing the number of functioning brain cells in your head to near zero. Keep reading, you’ll get there.

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I get the feeling you thought I was replying to something other than @BRUCE26 video???
I don’t need brain cells to get it. What are you afraid of? One cannot believe everything they read. If more people thought life was more about love then distortion this wouldn’t be happening. Unless one thinks it all in our heads??

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I like your EGA

You don’t have to go all the way back to Germany. Most folks alive cannot relate to that because the largest percentage of Americans have zero knowledge of history.

All you have to do is look at how Venezuela went from being the richest country in Latin America, to families having to eat their pet dogs because there was no food in the supermarkets.

President Chavez opened the borders then he gave the immigrants all sorts of free stuff including building materials and land to build their ghettos. They all continued voting for him in a series of illegal elections that gave him big majorities of n their lawmaking bodies, while at the same time he weaponized his government’s judiciary and military to systematically take out his opponents before he gave himself absolute power…

Sounds familiar?!?!?!???


I may not have many functioning brain cells left,

but the ones I have function with compassion.
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This has nothing to do with intelligence or compassion. This is all based on the premise that just about every totalitarian regime bought their way into power with false promises and redistribution of wealth until no one had anything. Like it or not, our founding fathers, the same ones that wrote the Constitution, did not give the vote to everyone. If you didn’t have skin in the game, and I’m not going to get into the argument of how, you didn’t vote, and those who had or earned wealth were not required to give it up other than through their generosity or compassion. Yes the system wasn’t perfect, but there was no argument over disinformation or was the vote honest. The number of votes cast never exceeded the number of eligible voters.


This is simple. In every culture there are always more poor people than rich people. There are also more folks with a sub par IQ than intelligent ones. Add an overwhelming majority of lazy to the mix.

So in order to stay in (or acquire) power all you have to do is take from the “rich” and give it to the poor who will blindly go along with anything you tell them you have to do to get to the free stuff…

The main example came to us from the rise and fall of the Roman Empire, but the cycle is inevitable. Once the folks in power acquire this power all they want to do is keep it and grow it.


… And unfortunately there will be a fight. One way or another there will be Consequences for their actions. If they lose—FIGHT
If they Win----Fight
They will not just say:’ Yeah, you’re right, We lost…and give up EVERY THING they’ve set-up and STOLEN. The Disease of Greed, Corruption and ABSOLUTE POWER is embedded. DEEP STATE.
They don’t care that little old us know what they did. There are Billions of Sheeple to Bleet their Narrative.
I only pray when the time comes it’s a total House cleaning. Pol’s, Media, Elites
We’ve let them Escape in WW2, we brought their ‘technology’ people (Weapons, biological etc) HERE.
and now the cycle reformed and EVIL is back.

How many Innocents have they killed and continue to kill this time (all that’s missing are the Cattle Cars)


With regard to eliminating your political opponents, The Trump trials have been textbook.


So to put it in a nut shell. The American people want a totalitarian regime type government unless we can change their minds.


Roger that.

That’s exactly where we’re headed. Bring in people who have never contributed, give them mine and your Social Security and Medicare, then illegally give them the vote? We had or have to wait to get our benefits, ie. Reach the age of retirement, and they’re taking what’s mine and yours at any age. No one needs to change their minds. As was said, the have nots always want what the haves have. College students want you to pay their debt, and yet they somehow feel entitled to you tax dollars. We already live in a quasi totalitarian state.


I don’t believe it’s quasi anymore.


Well I hope you still have your health.

As a matter of fact as I stated above, the last totalitarian act our government imposed regarding Covid has introduced me permanently to a cardiologist who confirmed my issues are most likely vaccine induced. So thank you, I still have my health; I just not as good as it was pre-Covid.