Air Rifle with Scope and Iron sights

Team #USCCA,

I’m looking to buy a good Pellet Rifle that has more than 1000 fps and preferably .177 Caliber.

Any Ideas?


I am not sure of the fps but I bought an Osman Optimus single shot break action in .177. It came with a cheap scope already mounted.

I can say it is chipmunk head accurate at about 20 to 25 yards (they should not have been eating in my garden). Its been a while since I purchased it but I think I found it at Cabela’s. At the time I thought the price was a little high but after using it I am very pleased with the power and accuracy.

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I have an RWS single shot .22 pellet gun, 1200fps. I’m sure they would have a .177 as well. Worth a look. Very accurate.

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I’ve got a Gamo 1330 .177 air rifle for varmint control in town. At normal air rifle ranges from 10-30-40 yards it’s a real sqirrel killer and seems to be excellent for feral cats as well.

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Thanks @Matt_W they are pretty old style rifles.

Forgot to mention it but Benjamin are always worth a hard look as well. Very reliable products.

Thank you @WildRose, I was actually just looking at Gamo rifles.

I was doubtful to say the least but I was losing 300-400.00 worth of pecans a year to the gray tree squirrels and needless to say it paid for itself in about a month. You can’t find a squirrel within a couple of blocks of any of my places with pecan trees anymore and I’ve killed the little varmints at distances I thought were impossible with an air rifle.

They actually make one now I think that runs closer to 1500fps with a 177 pellet and 1200-1300fps with .22 pellets.

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I think Gamo has it, based on their specs it’s 1650 for .177 and 1300 for .22.

Sounds about right. Mine is about 8-9 years old. Still working great too.