Aging and Carrying

When we’re young, a lot of us feel indestructible. That changes as we build our families and homes. We realize how much we have to lose.

From what I hear, as we age we want to be able to defend our families and our important time. (From what I hear because I refuse to age. :wink: )

What carrying challenges or changes have you seen as you’ve grown wiser?


I did not feel the need to carry, until I got older and had health issues. Also, it is a crazier world than back in my wild and wooly days. I had an incident occur, when I realized I have about 5 Seconds of run and about 30 seconds of fight, so I need an equalizer.




With age comes comfortability.

As I get older, I carry better and am more comfortable carrying more.

For example, for practice, I went out to see a friend tonight, just a 40 minute drive. Most I’ve really only carried is 2, a semi and a revolver.

This time I carried 4, G2C and P95 and 2 revolvers, 2 spare mags for each of the semi, wore a low profile plate carrier with 10x12 Class 3 hard armor under my shirt, and went to visit my friend.

Only thing that was hard was the narrow seats in my Geo Metro, between the IWB holster at the 5 o’clock position, OWB 3 o’clock, 4 o’clock for 2 spare mags, cell phone belt clip at 10 o’clock, 2 more mags 8-9 o’clock, mini revolver pocket holster, and snub nose ankle holster.

The longer I carry, the more comfortable I am at carrying more and confident about keeping it all concealed…

My friend, first thing he noticed was the vest, even though mostly concealed, he also wears a vest, but for work, I supply him with his plates… When it came to him trying to determine what I was actually carrying, he could not tell… Best he could do was guess based on what he knows of me…

If this was a year or more ago, I would have been far to nervous carrying so many at one time let alone also having extra mags on hand…


The less physically capable I become with age the more likely I’d be willing to shoot in lawful self defense rather than trying to bull my way through.

You also reach a point where you have very little left to lose the closer you are to the expected natural end of your life.


We actually are living in a safer time today in the US than most people living today have ever seen.

Violent crime rates peaked around 1997 and have fallen steadily since so that today they are at their lowest since the early to mid sixties.

It only seems like we’re living in a more dangerous country because of the 24/7 news cycle and the desire of the anti gun media to maximize coverage of every crime involving the unlawful use of a gun while burying to the greatest extent possible any story in which a good guy with a gun prevails or intercedes on behalf of others.


I do not have accurate national statistics, so I base my lifestyle around what is happening where I live, in a suburb of a major city. I moved to this suburb 14 years ago because we could see a decline in the urban neighborhood in which we lived. That old neighborhood is now crime- ridden, and I am no longer as physically capable as I was. The suburb is safe, for now, because of quality law enforcement, and diligent neighbors. Across the freeway a half mile away is the large city. The formerly affluent area close by is now 50+ years old, and the city is more than 500 officers short, and the criminals are taking advantage. Since my age makes me look like easy pickings, I have to be better prepared in the same location, than I was 20 years ago.


I live in a growing community, with that comes unfortunately more crime. There is a rise in theft here. Eventually, these will start to become violent encounters. Most of the thefts are due to drug abuse. I want to be prepared for the worse hoping the worse never happens.


I’m an old man. Well, not that old, but old. I’m old enough to move more slowly than I used to, be more careful when I get into or out of my car (physical awareness and situational awareness), yet I have better judgment than I used to. I have been carrying long enough to be comfortable with it, though I am always aware that I am carrying. I have a close friend of close to 30 years with whom I can discuss the events of the day, share concealed carry stories, and generally get less grumpy about being older. We shared our favorite photos of our wives the last time we saw each other. I’ve been married for almost 34 years, plenty long enough to see more than a few ups and downs. All of that time has given me a clear perspective on who I am protecting and why, when I carry. That’s every day and almost every time I am on the car.