A2 rear sight adjustment

Maybe I’m overthinking this, maybe I’m in over my head. Has anyone adjusted the rear sight the way these directions instruct you too?


The link is what I’m upgrading. So my sight set up is an Eotech 512 with a LMT fixed rear sight (A2 style) and a Trijicon night sight front post as back ups.

The issue is you can’t make fine adjustments using the front post. The attached is using the elevation on the rear sight to make the adjustments. I have a carry handle I am going to practice with.


Here is an article on the elevation drum and using the Improved Battlefield Zero (IBZ) and the http://www.thenewrifleman.com/ibz/ Revised Improved Battlefield Zero (RIBZ) as well as another link.https://www.everydaymarksman.co/equipment/ribz-sight-setting/

For myself, I generally like to zero AR-15 red dots and non adjustable rear iron sights at 50 yards. http://preparedgunowners.com/2016/03/17/how-to-zero-your-ar-15-for-50-200-yards-at-just-10-yards/

Thank you I didn’t know the drums could rotate separately.